The United Arab Emirates has a rich history and tradition in gold trade, which is why it’s long been a magnet for those looking to purchase gold. Whether it’s jewelry with intricate gold designs or simply a slab of 24-karat gold, the UAE’s souks are full of treasures waiting to be discovered.

To help you in your quest to buy gold, here is a quick guide on everything you need to know about buying gold in the UAE.

Why Buy Gold in the UAE?

There are multiple reasons why buying and selling gold in the UAE is an attractive prospect. It’s the blend of tradition, quality, and value. The Emirati gold market is known for offering pure gold at prices that closely mirror international gold prices. Buyers can also purchase gold with confidence because of the stringent quality checks that the UAE’s gold sellers abide by.

Here are some other reasons:

  • Tax: The VAT rate on gold is set at 5% (one of the lowest globally). However, tourists can claim this back at the VAT refund counter at the airport.
  • Bargaining: It’s normal and expected for people to negotiate when purchasing gold jewelry or pure gold.
  • Safe transactions: The UAE is known for its safe and secure business environment.
  • Customization options: Gold buyers can easily have their precious metal made into things such as gold ornaments upon request.

Understanding the Gold Market

Gold markets can be highly complex, so understanding them is key to making informed purchases. In the UAE, gold prices fluctuate according to international trends. So, it’s important to stay on top of the gold rate by using a reliable trading website. Rest assured, though, as the market’s heavy regulation in the UAE ensures sellers are very transparent about the gold price.

Factors that impact the price of gold include:

  • Inflation
  • VAT
  • Festive and wedding season
  • Value of international currencies
  • Geopolitical instability
  • Production and mining activities

How to Buy Gold in the UAE: Step-by-Step

Ready to buy gold in the UAE? Here’s how you should go about it:

  1. Research the current market prices and budget accordingly. Also, familiarize yourself with the various purity levels.
  2. Look for and choose a reputable gold dealer. Look for those that are particularly open to negotiation. You can find a dealer at one of the many gold souks or malls.
  3. When presented with gold pieces, look for hallmarks stamped on the gold to indicate their purity.
  4. Once you’re pleased with the purity of a piece, bargain with the seller if you feel the price could be better or seek better deals from another seller.
  5. After finalizing the purchase, make sure you keep all the receipts and certificates provided by the vendor.
  6. Enjoy your investment!

Key Locations for Buying Gold

Here are some of the best places to buy gold and gold jewelry in each Emirate:

Abu Dhabi

Gold Souk Abu Dhabi

  • Location: Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre, Al Danah, Zone 1, Abu Dhabi
  • Operating hours: 9 AM – 10 PM; 4 PM – 10 PM (FRI)


Dubai Gold Souk (Deira Gold Souk)

  • Location: Deira, Al Ras, Dubai
  • Operating hours: 9 AM – 9 PM


Central Souk (Blue Souk)

  • Location: Al Mareija, Sharjah
  • Operating hours: 9 AM – 10:30 PM; 4:30 PM – 1:30 AM (FRI)


Ajman Gold Market

  • Location: Saad bin Abi Waqqas Street, Al Owan, Al Nakhil 1, Ajman
  • Operating hours: 9 AM – 1:30 PM, 4 PM – 10:30 PM; 4 PM – 10:30 PM (FRI)

Ras Al Khaimah


  • Location: The Old Market, Ras Al Khaimah
  • Operating hours: 8 AM – 6 PM (Closed on Sundays)

Umm Al Quwain

Malabar Gold and Diamonds

  • Location: Abu Bakr Al Sadeeq Rd, Al Ras, Al Ras 2, Umm Al Quwain
  • Operating hours: 10 AM – 10:30 PM; 10 AM – 12 PM and 2 PM – 10:30 PM (FRI)


Fujairah Gold

  • Location: Sakamkam Road, Ishwais, Fujairah
  • Operating hours: 9 AM – 6 PM (Closed on Fridays)

Tips for First-Time Buyers

Claim your VAT back at the airport

Many tourists forget this, so remember to claim your VAT refund at the airport when leaving the UAE. This will save you a lot on your gold purchases.

Keep cash on hand

Many sellers, particularly at the gold souks, deal mainly in cash. So, it’s important to have cash available for better bargaining power, especially in traditional markets.

Get discounts during sales

Take advantage of sales events like the Dubai Shopping Festival to get discounts on gold purchases. Bear in mind that gold prices tend to fluctuate the most during peak tourism periods.

DIY purity checks

Learn and use simple purity checks, like the magnet or acid test, to verify the authenticity of gold before buying. This is especially important if you’re unsure of a seller’s legitimacy.

Keep all the documents in order

Make sure to collect and safeguard all receipts and certificates provided by the seller to ensure transparency and make reselling easier.

Consider online purchases

Online shopping can be highly convenient and much less stressful. So, consider purchasing gold from reputable online platforms. They also typically offer the most competitive prices.


How much is gold in Dubai Gold Souk?

Gold prices in Dubai, like most of the UAE, fluctuate daily and depend on the quality of gold you want to buy. If you’re looking to buy gold jewelry, then you’ll be happy to know that Gold Souk Dubai has a range of offerings to suit various tastes and budgets.

Is it cheaper to buy gold in the UAE?

Because bargaining is culturally encouraged, many people have seen significant savings from purchasing gold in the UAE. The shopkeepers expect customers to negotiate prices and the VAT added is refundable.

What types of gold are available in the UAE?

You’ll find essentially all the types of gold you’d find at any gold market, ranging from 24 karat (K) – the purest form – to 22K and 18K which are lower in purity and price.

Are there any legal or cultural considerations to be aware of when buying gold in the UAE?

The main consideration is to ensure you’re purchasing gold from reputable shops to guarantee authenticity. Strict government regulations control the quality of such merchandise. Other than that, it’s important to not be afraid to bargain.

Final Thoughts

The UAE offers ample opportunities for those looking to get in on the gold trade. To get the best possible deal, stay on top of the market, do your research, and bargain whenever possible. Also, while Dubai shines as the gold capital, don’t overlook Emirates like Ras Al Khaimah with its less crowded environment and plentiful shopping spots that go way beyond gold.


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