Cultural Awareness

Ras Al Khaimah is a liberal and modern Emirate. However, it’s important to respect local religion, culture and customs. As a Muslim country, the most significant consideration for tourists is dress code. While there are no official rules and regulations for visitors’ attire, they are expected to dress in a modest and ethical way to respect local citizens and their culture.


Cultural Awareness Ras Al Khaimah

National Dress

Huge changes have taken place across society throughout the United Arab Emirates in recent times, making the UAE the diverse and vibrant destination it is today. While it too has changed, today’s local costume is a continuation of the traditional Muslim dress code, with women and men wearing clothes that respect age-old traditions.


Local women dress in a style seen throughout the emirates. Known as Makhawar, their distinctive long dress is worn down to the feet. She will also partially cover her face and head. On her feet she will wear either special shoes or sandals, with a black Abaya (mantle) covering the whole of her figure.



Cultural Awareness Ras Al Khaimah


As with the other emirates, the men of Ras Al Khaimah wear a simply designed and colored dress called a Kandurah. The design of this garment may vary slightly according to location and weather. A man’s head is covered with a Ghottrah. Men of all classes mainly wear sandals.