Nothing is more breathtaking than flying across the sandy dunes with clear blue skies above you. Hot air balloon rides in UAE are a magical experience everyone should experience in their lifetime, and the UAE has tons of views you can enjoy from the air. 

Whether you are visiting Ras Al Khaimah or are a UAE resident, hot air balloon rides are a must on your bucket list. Ras Al Khaimah and the UAE in general have been blessed with beautiful views that only hot air balloon rides can do justice to. 


To save you the time of having to look for the best rides, we’ve gathered the best five hot air balloon rides in Ras Al Khaimah and the UAE in general.

Hot Air Balloon Rides With Camel Rides and Falconry

The United Arab Emirates has several travel companies that offer hot air balloon rides with camel rides and falconry packages included. The rides usually last an hour and offer breathtaking views, especially if you ride a few minutes before sunset. 


After the ride, you get a free camel riding lesson with experienced guides on the beautiful deserts. The package also has falconry lessons where you watch guides train the majestic birds as you enjoy your tea or coffee. You also get to train the birds if you feel up to it. Here are some of the travel companies you can check out for this kind of package:

Sindbad Gulf Balloons

Hot Air Balloon UAE

Dubai Ballooning

Hot Air Balloon Rides With ActionFlight for Stunning Desert Views

If you are in Ras Al Khaimah, book a hot air balloon adventure with ActionFlight. They are the first company to provide hot air balloon rides in Ras Al Khaimah and come from 15 years of aviation adventure tourism experience from its roots in New Zealand. They are a reputable company with a focus on excellence, safety and advanced pilot training. 


They offer a variety of hot air adventure packages that give their guests a unique experience to view the spectacular coastlines, rich desert views and opportunities to see animals in their natural habitats. They are open seven days a week and you can easily book by calling or using their website

Hot Air Balloon Rides With Vintage Cars

What is more exciting than cool vintage cars in the desert? You can travel to and from your hot air balloon on vintage Land Rovers. The cars glide and tackle their way through the sandy dunes with finesse as you arrive for your ride with class. 


This package is for thrill seekers who live for experiences that make them feel alive. Cruise on the perfect sand and later fly above the beautiful UAE with this package that can be found with these travel agencies:

Balloon Adventures Emirates 

Akhilaa Tourism

Hot Air Balloon Rides With an Overnight Safari

The hot air balloon ride with a safari is the perfect package for those who do not want the magic to end. Enjoy an exciting camel ride or a Land Rover cruise to the hot air balloon some minutes before sunset. 


Then enjoy the ride over the Arabian Gulf, and come down to a beautiful spread and falconry show. Spend the night in a beautifully curated Arabian tent.


Have breakfast at sunrise in the desert, then travel back to your hotel. The package is perfect for people who want to immerse themselves in the culture completely, and it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 


Most agencies that have the package have food inclusive of the total price. Photos and videos are done at an extra cost for people who want to document their experience in the Arabian Gulf. Here are some of the places that offer the package:


Platinum Heritage

Navita Tours 

Balloon Adventures Emirates

Price Ranges

The hot air balloon rides vary with every agency. Most prices for adults are AED 1100 for the basic hot air balloon rides, and for children, the price is set at AED 1000 for the same package. 


Other more exclusive rides’ prices vary from AED 1200 to 1400. These packages have Land Rover cruises, camel rides, falconry shows, and overnight stays at Arabian tents. They are also inclusive of breakfast, snacks, and dinners for overnighters. The price for children is slightly lower, between AED 1100 and 1300 for the same packages.

Safety Guidelines for Hot Balloon Rides

Hot air balloon rides are thrilling experiences, but sadly, due to safety precautions, only some can enjoy them. The age limit for children is at least 6 years old, and they should always be in the presence of an adult. The child should also be over 4 feet 6 inches because they need to get in and out of the basket comfortably. 


There are typically no age limits for adults, provided that they are in good health and mobile. Other safety guidelines include:

Stay Alert

You are on a basket flying thousands of feet above the earth’s surface, and there are bound to be obstructions in the air. You need to be alert in case of anything happens and alert the guide to stay clear of the obstruction.

Avoid Sharp Objects and Heat Sources

Anything that could damage the balloon needs to be kept far. You can carry supplies, especially if you are heading for the overnight safari, but make sure to have them in a safe place.

Wear Comfortable Attire

You will need to dress comfortably because of the getting in and out of the basket. There is also a walk once the hot air balloon is on the ground.


Apart from these guidelines, some classes of people are not allowed on hot air balloons for safety reasons. They include:


  • Pregnant people after the first three months
  • People with height phobias
  • People with chronic diseases
  • People prone to anxiety and panic attacks

These rides are exhilarating and could trigger some underlying issues which could cause harm to you and the people onboard the balloon.

What To Expect on the Hot Air Balloon Ride

The best time to get a ride is at sunset or sunrise. The views overlooking the Arabian Gulf are nothing short of spectacular. The desert is the main spectacle. Pass by numerous desert villages and communities. Get to spot the iconic Burj Khalifa and many other famous tourist spots.


Soaring through the skies as the sun rises and sets is truly magical. The orange hues on your face as the day begins or ends are a life-changing experience.

Wrap Up

There are many activities to indulge in in the UAE; however, a hot air balloon ride should be a must-do. People who visit the UAE rave about their time on the balloons as they soar with the birds across a vast sea of sand. It is truly a great activity for your money’s worth.


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