If you’re a foodie sauntering around the UAE, you’re in for a treat. From Dubai to Abu Dhabi, this region’s restaurant pop-ups and chef collabs are nothing short of spectacular. So, we thought we’d make your search for one easier by highlighting the best of the best.

Please note that these pop-ups and chef collaborations are seasonal, so you’ll have to stay updated and act fast. It also means that they could vary in terms of factors like price, location (slightly), and menu offerings. Let’s get into it!

The Top 5 Restaurant Pop-ups and Chef Collabs in the UAE

  1. Michelin mishmash at Moonrise – Dubai
  2. Sonara Camp – Ras Al Khaimah
  3. Not a Space – Sharjah
  4. Le Pré at Qasr Al Muwaiji – (Al Ain) Abu Dhabi
  5. The Bench at The Founder’s Memorial – Abu Dhabi

Price range indicator (AED):

  • A – Budget
  • AA – Moderate
  • AAA – Expensive

1. Michelin mishmash at Moonrise – Dubai

Location: Eden House, Al Satwa, Dubai

Moonrise, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Dubai, hosts an exciting collaboration between two chefs: head chef/owner Solemann Haddad and chef Tris Farmer. The pair create a 14-course dinner created with premium Japanese ingredients.

Guests get to experience a fusion of Dubai’s food scene with high-end Japanese produce like aged shima-aji and kuruma ebi, alongside Middle Eastern touches like Saudi dates and Palestinian olive oil.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to eat some truly extraordinary dishes.


  • Michelin Star chefs collaborating
  • 14-course dinner with premium ingredients
  • Innovative culinary fusions

Price range: AAA

2. Sonara Camp – Ras Al Khaimah

Location: Al Ashish, Ras al Khaimah

Sonara Camp is just one of the many culinary experiences you’ll find in Ras Al Khaimah. But what sets it apart from the rest, is that it offers a luxury dining experience right under the stars. This desert pop-up restaurant features a fine dining set menu and world-class entertainment, including camel riding and falconry.

Guests can indulge in a memorable dinner that skillfully balances local ingredients with gourmet flair. The meal is further enhanced by live music and a mesmerizing fire show. Sonara Camp is an unforgettable evening in the desert.


  • Gourmet dinner under the stars
  • Camel riding and falconry experiences
  • Live music and fire show entertainment

Price range: AAA

3. My Space Coffee – Sharjah

Location: Nizwa, Sharjah

My Space Coffee is yet another culinary experience in the desert. You’ll find this restaurant nestled in the Al Madam area, featuring futuristic mirrored boxes and outdoor seating. It gives guests the perfect opportunity to stargaze and forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Once there, you can enjoy a variety of sweet treats, like homemade cheesecake and fresh cinnamon buns. The serene desert backdrop and warm beverages create such a relaxing atmosphere. This is why it’s such a popular spot for a cozy evening snack.


  • Under the stars
  • Array of sweet treats on offer
  • Cozy atmosphere

Price range: AAA

4. Le Pré at Qasr Al Muwaiji – (Al Ain) Abu Dhabi

Location: Khalifa Bin Zayed St, Al Muwaij’i, Abu Dhabi

Le Pré is a new pop-up restaurant at Qasr Al Muwaiji. The initial idea behind it was to celebrate the UAE’s Year of Sustainability. It’s an eco-friendly venture that features a modern design with natural lighting and a neutral color palette. Food options there are plentiful, offering dishes like authentic Italian pizzas, classic burgers, and a variety of international dishes.

Guests can also enjoy live music nights, making it (when it pops up) the perfect spot for an enjoyable meal.


  • Eco-friendly and modern design
  • Diverse food options
  • Live music for a vibrant atmosphere

Price range: AA

5. The Bench at The Founder’s Memorial – Abu Dhabi

Location: Al Ras Al Akhdar, Abu Dhabi

Many who are familiar with Abu Dhabi’s culinary scene remember how the collaboration between Chef Nie Dong and Vicky Cheng brought some incredible Cantonese cuisine. But, unfortunately, that collaboration doesn’t look to be happening again anytime soon.

But don’t worry – Abu Dhabi still has a lot of other noteworthy options, such as the The Bench pop-up cafe at The Founder’s Memorial. It offers stunning views of the capital’s skyline and a clean, contemporary aesthetic. This look is further complemented by white and green hues which makes the pop-up perfect for creating social media content.

Guests can enjoy a range of hot and cold beverages including Decaf Spanish Latte and Pink Matcha. It’s perfect for anyone seeking a relaxing coffee break.


  • Spectacular views of Abu Dhabi’s skyline
  • Peaceful and contemporary outdoor space

Price range: A


How do I keep up with pop-ups in the UAE?

Try staying informed by following local news outlets, event listings, and social media platforms. For example, websites like DubaiNight and The National News usually feature articles and updates on upcoming pop-ups and designer markets in the UAE. You could also consider engaging with local influencers and brands on social media.

What are some of the latest food trends driving pop-ups and collabs in the UAE?

Some key trends fueling the rise of pop-up restaurants and chef collaboration in the UAE include:

  • Innovation – Chefs are constantly developing new dishes and concepts to stand out.
  • Sustainability – More restaurants are adopting conscious sourcing and consumption practices.
  • “Dinnertainment” – More restaurants are offering diners live entertainment to enhance the dining experience.
  • The growth of homegrown Emirati restaurants that understand local tastes.

What makes the UAE an attractive market for international chefs?

The UAE, and Ras Al Khaimah in particular, has emerged as a very popular tourist destination in recent years. This has attracted chefs and restaurant concepts from around the world. Also, with over 13,000 eateries catering to 200+ nationalities, the UAE offers chefs a large, cosmopolitan customer base.

How are homegrown Emirati chefs making their mark through collaborations?

Emirati chefs like Sheikha Hesa Al Khalifa are elevating Khaleeji cuisine through collaborations with UAE restaurants. One of her most notable collaborations was with Elsewhere in Khor Fakkan, creating a breakfast menu inspired by Middle Eastern and Japanese cuisines.

Final Thoughts

The UAE’s restaurant pop-ups and chef collaborations offer unmatched culinary experiences in the Middle East. From gourmet meals under the stars to trendy urban cafes, each of these spots showcases the region’s vibrant and ever-growing food scene. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, make an appointment to visit them when they do come about.


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