Many luxury cruises depart from places in the United Arab Emirates, such as Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. When you’re looking for a top tourist destination, you won’t regret taking a cruise from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or Dubai. You’ll love sailing across the Arabian Gulf.


Some of the best cruises go straight to the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Here, you will adore swimming with colorful fish in aquamarine waters. So, what are the best cruises to the Mediterranean from the UAE? 


Below, we have detailed the best nine cruises for you to consider when choosing a vacation to the Mediterranean. Check them out below!

Our Top Nine Cruise Picks

The best nine cruises from UAE to the Mediterranean include:


  • Oceania Cruises 15-Night Mediterranean Cruise
  • Virgin Voyages 14 Night Modern Dubai To Ancient Athens
  • Costa Toscana 22 Night Cruise from Dubai to Marseilles
  • Silversea Cruises 33-Night Mediterranean Cruise
  • Oceania Cruises 24-Night Mediterranean Cruise
  • Azamara 21-Night Ancient Reflections Voyage
  • Seabourn Cruise Line 25-Night Arabia, Egypt & Dalmatian Coast
  • Oceania Cruises 20-Night Mediterranean Cruise
  • Seabourn Cruise Line 25-Night Arabia, Egypt & Ancient Greece


Keep reading to learn about the details and amenities behind each cruise on this list. 

Oceania Cruises 15-Night Mediterranean Cruise

Whether you’re seeking plenty of onboard entertainment or buffet dining, the Oceania Cruises 15-night Mediterranean cruise will meet all your needs.


On the ship, you’ll have access to various fitness and recreational choices. Further, you can choose a classy dining experience or a buffet along with plenty of drinks to enjoy by the pool. You can attend the casino if you like to gamble or play a trivia game. 

Virgin Voyages 14-Night Modern Dubai To Ancient Athens

This particular cruise takes off on the Resilient Lady ship from Virgin Voyages. Here, you’ll have the choice to dine at any time of day or night at whichever eatery you like. You won’t even have any extra fees tacked on for grabbing a midnight snack. Further, all gratuities are already included in the cost of the cruise.


And, if you have a wild side, you can even get a tattoo right onboard the ship! The cruise also provides a colorful and exciting nightlife for young adults and those young at heart.

Costa Toscana 22-Night Cruise from Dubai to Marseille

Take the cruise ship Costa Toscana on the cruise line Costa if you’d like to sail across the Mediterranean and end up in Marseille, France. You’ll even see parts of Greece like the city of Athens and spend time in Italy, including Naples. 


The cruise ship has reduced occupancy, which means you’ll gain more space. You can order breakfast or lunch at staggered times, so you can sleep in and enjoy a meal whenever you like.  

Silversea Cruises 33-Night Mediterranean Cruise

The cruise line Silversea Cruises has an excellent 33-night Mediterranean cruise that leaves Dubai. The ship Silver Spirit can hold more than 600 passengers, and you can enjoy seeing Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, and Zanzibar and landing in Cape Town


Here, you’ll have access to fabulous dining options and fun activities like afternoon trivia, cooking demonstrations, live music, and dance classes. You can also enjoy hanging out by the pool with a martini in hand or soaking in the hot tub. 

Oceania Cruises 24-Night Mediterranean Cruise

The cruise line Oceania Cruises offers a 24-night Mediterranean sail on the Insignia ship. On the cruise, you will depart from Dubai and see the Red Sea, Tel Aviv, and the Suez Canal. As the cruise progresses, you’ll get to enjoy sailing through the Mediterranean Sea and spending time in Naples, Rome, and Barcelona, Spain. 


You’ll love the fine dining and entertainment options aboard the ship. Further, you’ll love the upgraded larger showers available on the cruise ship. 

Azamara 21 Night Ancient Reflections Voyage

The cruise line Azamara offers a 21-night cruise leaving Dubai. The Ancient Reflections Voyage will take you through the Suez Canal, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. You’ll land in Istanbul where you can go sightseeing.


Here, you’ll have access to fitness centers, fine dining with white-linen service, and plenty of entertainment. You can also enjoy lounging by the pool with free soft drinks. When embarking off the ship, you can choose snorkeling and diving excursions.

Seabourn Cruise Line 25 Night Arabia, Egypt & Dalmatian Coast

The Seabourn Cruise Line offers a 25-night cruise to Arabia, Egypt, and the Dalmatian Coast. You will take the Seabourn Encore ship to visit the Suez Canal, Jerusalem, and Athens, Greece. After Greece, you’ll land in Venice, Italy, where you can enjoy plenty of sightseeing opportunities.


You’ll love having a fine dining experience or a buffet-style lunch. You’re sure to love cruising for nearly a month to Athens and Venice. 

Oceania Cruises 20-Night Mediterranean Cruise

The cruise line Oceania Cruises provides you with the chance to take a 20-night Mediterranean cruise. You’ll love embarking on the Nautica ship, which holds nearly 700 passengers. 


Here, you’ll enjoy seeing the Red Sea, the Suez Canal, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and the Mediterranean Sea. You’ll like the buffets with infinite choices and the delicious foods in the main restaurants. 

Seabourn Cruise Line 25 Night Arabia, Egypt & Ancient Greece

The Seabourn Cruise line also has a 25-night cruise to Egypt, Greece, and Arabia. Here, you’ll take the Seabourn Encore ship to visit Jerusalem, Athens, Venice, and more.


You’re sure to enjoy the superb food, ranging from sushi and fresh fruit to grilled steaks and seafood options. You can also book offshore excursions and guided tours. For a great tourist cruise, consider this 25-night cruise to Egypt and Ancient Greece. 

Final Thoughts

Which cruise option is best for you and your family? Is there a favorite one you’re planning to pick? Let us know! Whatever you decide, you’re sure to love swimming in the Mediterranean Sea or relaxing by the pool. You won’t regret spending time on any ship with its fine dining options and many exciting entertainment possibilities. Enjoy!


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