The UAE has a bustling tourism and travel industry, with more and more people seeing the magic for themselves. The UAE has some of the world’s most famous cities and is known for its contemporary sightseeing attractions, cultural aspects, and contrast.

As such, you could expect nothing less from its celebrations and festivals. The land is filled with excitement and immense local culture that keep visitors coming back for more.

With endless festivities to enjoy throughout the year, please join in the celebrations whenever you are in the UAE next.

Here is a list of the top most important festivals in the UAE.

  1. Dubai International Jazz Festival
  2. Dubai Desert Classic Festivals
  3. UAE National Day
  4. Dubai International Film Festival
  5. UAE Awafi Festival
  6. Dubai Shopping Festival
  7. Eid Al Adha and Eid Al Fitr
  8. Dubai Summer Festivals
  9. Dubai Food Festival

Below is a detailed review of the festivals, including what to expect should you attend one.

  • Dubai International Jazz Festival

Are you a jazz lover? A fan of Ella Fitzgerald, maybe Billie Holiday or Nina Simone? Then if you are in Dubai, consider attending the Dubai International Jazz Festival held annually at Dubai Media City and enjoy some of the showcased music. 

The festival attracts thousands of international and local jazz and music lovers. It brings together musicians of all times, such as Jason Mraz, Jessie J, James Blunt, David Gray, and bands, allowing fans to enjoy the celebrations with fantastic music.

  • Dubai Desert Classic Festivals

Where are all the golf lovers? The Dubai Desert Classic Festival is an anticipated golf club event held in Dubai. For instance, in 2022, it was held from 27th to 30th January. It often brings together excellent and successful golfers worldwide to compete for prizes. 

Thus, since most top golfers turn up for the tournament, the event pulls in many tourists who can attend, watch the competitions, and enjoy their weekend. Plan ahead and attend the festival in 2023.

  • UAE National Day

Like any other country celebrating its independence, the United Arab Emirates gained independence on 2 December 1971. Therefore, UAE marks it as the National Day Festival, which is celebrated annually. 

Considered one of the most critical days in the UAE calendar, the festival involves a range of celebrations, including cultural dances and performances. They also raise the national flag. So, if you get the chance to visit Dubai around this time, join in the festivities.

  • Dubai International Film Festival

If you are a film admirer, the Dubai International Film Festival may be a fantastic event you can attend whenever you are in town. As the festival begins, many Hollywood stars, directors, producers, and even musicians gather at different screenings in Dubai to enjoy the cinema festival. 

The festival exists to promote local filmmakers and market the locally produced films for fans to enjoy and project film developers to gain attraction. So, to enjoy Arabian culture, watch a few of their films during the festival.

  • UAE Awafi Festival

The UAE Awafi festival held in Dubai is a celebration of the history and culture of the UAE. On this festival, the locals gather on the dunes of the Ras Al Khaimah desert. They indulge in outdoor activities such as theater performances and sports, including car and dune buggy races. 

If you are a tourist, you may not indulge in sports, but you can still enjoy the event’s happenings.  

  • Dubai Shopping Festival

Who doesn’t like shopping for memorabilia? The Dubai Shopping Festival will be a favorite if you are among the majority who like collectibles. During this time, you can be sure to get product discounts and unimaginable offers. That said, if you ever find yourself in Dubai and, luckily enough, during the Dubai Shopping Festival, then you best know that it will be your lucky day.

Dubai is mainly famous for its Persian rugs and carpets, priceless jewelry, food spices, décor pieces, and attires. So, during the shopping festival, you may get huge offers. The festival also constitutes fireworks and celebrations.

  • Eid Al Adha and Eid Al Fitr

Most Arabian states adhere to Islamic religious and cultural practices. Thus, since Dubai is part of the UAE, Eid is one of the most significant and well-celebrated religious festivals. Held at the end of the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims celebrate this day in the Arabian states and worldwide. 

In Dubai, Eid is an important day for all adhering Muslims. With the occasion celebrated with lots of good food, music, and fireworks, you can be sure to enjoy the Eid Festival in Dubai.

  • Dubai Summer Festivals

Celebrated from July to September, dates interchanging, the Dubai Summer Surprises is one of the most anticipated festivals awaited by both residents and visitors annually. The festival aims at incorporating fun activities for adults and children. It keeps the masses engaged, happy, and entertained, allowing individuals to create unforgettable experiences and memories. 

The celebrations will enable tourists to understand Dubai’s rich history and culture and get entertained. The purpose of attending the Dubai Summer Festivals is that it may be a good vacation destination for your family and friends.

  • Dubai Food Festival

For all those who love cooking or eating delicious meals, consider attending the Dubai Food Festival. Here, you can get the opportunity to taste some of Dubai’s most exquisite cuisines, savory dishes, and other foods you have not come across. 

You will not have to worry about the quality of the meals because professional chefs are involved in the meal preparation and cooking. The Dubai Food Festival should be on your bucket list if you have a specific Middle East dish you want to try.


This article explores some of the top festivals celebrated in the UAE you can attend. Thus, consider planning for a trip and head up there to experience the joy and vibrance of these events. 

As a local or tourist visiting the UAE, the festivals will allow you to learn, appreciate the culture, and enjoy what great things the festivals offer. Plan that trip today!

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