The United Arab Emirates is a melting pot of cultures, and its food scene reflects that perfectly. From traditional Emirati fare to vibrant global cuisines, there’s something for every palate in this culinary wonderland. 

And who better to guide you through this delicious maze than UAE food influencers on TikTok? 

These passionate foodies serve mouthwatering visuals, insightful reviews, and hidden gems you won’t find in any guidebook.

So, grab your appetite and get ready to scroll because we’re about to introduce you to your new TikTok food fam!

1. (

Think glamorous brunches, Michelin-starred feasts, and trendy cafe hopping., aka Aysha Zahid, is your go-to for all things luxurious and delectable in the UAE. 

Her stunning visuals will have you drooling over every perfectly plated dish. At the same time, her honest reviews and insider tips will guide you towards Dubai’s best culinary experiences. Whether you’re craving a romantic rooftop dinner or a lively weekend brunch, has you covered.

2. Just Food DXB: (@justfooddxb)

If you’re a budget-conscious foodie who loves exploring hidden gems, Alex Augusti, the man behind Just Food DXB, is your new best friend.

Alex uncovers the city’s tastiest and most affordable eats, from hole-in-the-wall shawarma joints to authentic Emirati kitchens. 

His engaging personality and honest reviews make following him a pure joy, and you’ll definitely add a few new spots to your must-try list after a few scrolls through his feed.

3. UAE Explore: (@uae_explore_ar)

Looking for a diverse culinary adventure? UAE Explore takes you on a journey across the seven emirates, showcasing the UAE’s incredible variety of cuisines. 

From traditional Emirati dishes like Mandi and Luqaimat to regional specialties like Yemeni Mandi and Omani Harees, UAE Explore will broaden your foodie horizons and make you appreciate the rich culinary heritage of the region. 

Their TikTok videos blend food, culture, and stunning landscapes, leaving you wanting more with every swipe.

4. Maria V. (@mariavehera257)

Craving comfort food with a global twist? Maria V. serves a delicious blend of home-cooked dishes, restaurant reviews, and international recipes. 

Her infectious enthusiasm and passion for food are contagious, and you’ll feel like you’re right there in her kitchen as she whips up everything from creamy pasta to fluffy pancakes.

Maria’s TikTok is a warm and inviting space where you can find inspiration for your next meal, learn a new cooking trick, and discover hidden gems in your neighborhood.

5. The Review Room: (

Looking for unbiased reviews and honest recommendations? The Review Room is your trusted guide to the UAE’s best restaurants and cafes. 

This duo gives you the lowdown on everything from ambiance and service to taste and value for money. Their concise and informative videos make it easy to decide where to dine next, and their sense of humor keeps things entertaining. 

Whether you’re looking for a romantic spot for date night or a casual hangout with friends, The Review Room will point you in the right direction.

6. Samia Khan (@samia_khaan.1)

Craving authentic Emirati home cooking with a modern twist? Samia Khan whips up traditional dishes like Harees and Luqaimat with her mother, offering a warm glimpse into Emirati cuisine and family life. 

Her recipes are easy to follow, and her infectious enthusiasm is guaranteed to make you hungry!

7. Tresha Bucktowsing (@treshabck) 

This self-proclaimed “foodie with a camera” takes you on a whirlwind tour of Dubai’s hidden gems. 

From vibrant street food stalls to cozy cafes tucked away in charming neighborhoods, Tresha uncovers the city’s diverse culinary offerings with her bubbly personality and captivating visuals.

8. Maitha (@itsm.11_) 

Follow Maitha’s adventures as she explores the rich flavors of the Arabic world. 

From steaming Moroccan tagines to melt-in-your-mouth Lebanese pastries, she captures the essence of Middle Eastern cuisine through stunning visuals and insightful reviews. Get ready to discover new favorites and add exotic dishes to your culinary repertoire!

9. Mood (@therealmood) 

Looking for aesthetically pleasing food porn paired with witty commentary? Mood is your answer. 

Their videos showcase Dubai’s hottest restaurants and cafes, highlighting the artistic plating and delectable creations with a touch of humor. 

Be prepared to drool over every perfectly angled shot and lose yourself in a world of foodie bliss.

10. FoodloreUAE (@foodloreuae) 

Dive into the cultural tapestry of UAE cuisine with FoodloreUAE. 

They tell the stories behind traditional dishes, explore diverse regional specialties, and offer valuable insights into Emirati food customs. 

Follow them to learn about the history and heritage woven into every plate, enriching your culinary journey beyond just taste.

11. Natty.Cooks (@natty.cooks)

This home cook extraordinaire shares her passion for creative comfort food, whipping up everything from fluffy pancakes to mouthwatering pasta dishes with simple, easy-to-follow recipes. 

Get inspired to unleash your inner chef and recreate her culinary masterpieces in your own kitchen!

12. Satisfied Dubai (@satisfieddubai) 

Follow Satisfied Dubai as they hunt down the most satisfying meals in Dubai. 

From juicy burgers to towering milkshakes, their honest reviews and drool-worthy videos will have you planning your next cheat day in no time.

Bonus Pick! 

Delicious Kerala: (@deliciouskerala)

Delicious Kerala is a must-follow for a taste of South India in the UAE. This account showcases Kerala cuisine’s vibrant flavors and traditions, from fragrant curries and fluffy appams to sweet payasams and refreshing drinks. 

You’ll learn about the ingredients, cooking techniques, and cultural significance behind each dish, enriching your culinary journey. Plus, the stunning visuals of Kerala’s lush landscapes and bustling markets will transport you straight to this beautiful Indian state.


These are just a few of the amazing UAE food influencers who are lighting up TikTok with their passion for food, creativity, and knowledge. 

So, ditch the bland food feeds and dive into the vibrant world of these talented foodies. 

You’ll discover hidden gems, learn new recipes, and be inspired to explore the incredible culinary scene the UAE has to offer. Happy scrolling and happy eating!


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