Bowling is a classic pastime, offering just the right blend of fun, competition, and relaxation. Whether you’re an advanced bowler or just looking for a fun activity with friends, finding the best bowling alleys can be a little tricky. In the UAE, top-notch venues are scattered across the Emirates, each providing unique experiences and state-of-the-art facilities.

It’s time to discover the top 7 places to go bowling in the UAE and elevate your game.

The Top 7 Places to Go Bowling in the UAE

  1. Khalifa International Bowling Centre – Abu Dhabi
  2. Dubai International Bowling Centre – Dubai
  3. Emirates Bowling Centre – Ajman
  4. Palma Bowling Club – Umm Al Quwain
  5. Super Bowling Center – Ras Al Khaimah
  6. Yalla! Bowling – Sharjah
  7. 911 GAMES Station – Fujairah

1. Khalifa International Bowling Centre

Location: Airport Rd, Al Rawdah, W57, Abu Dhabi

Operating hours: 12 PM – 12 AM

The Khalifa International Bowling Centre in Abu Dhabi, located in Zayed Sports City, is the definition of a premier bowling alley. It features state-of-the-art bowling lanes which is why so many people rave about it. Plus, it offers modern facilities and a family-friendly atmosphere. Besides bowling, the center has a variety of entertainment options, including arcade games, bumper cars, and a restaurant.

It’s the perfect venue for both casual players and serious enthusiasts.


  • 40 modern bowling lanes
  • Exciting Cosmic Bowling experience every Wednesday
  • Additional entertainment options like bumper cars, snooker tables, and a video arcade

Ticket prices: AED 25 per game (individual), AED 150 per hour (lane)

2. Dubai International Bowling Centre

Location: 44th St, Al Mamzar Area, Near Century Mall, Dubai

Operating hours: 9 AM – 1 AM

If you’re looking for one of the best alleys in Dubai, look no further than the Dubai Bowling Centre. It has a whopping 36 lanes and a lively atmosphere, which is why it’s become such a favorite among locals and tourists. The center is open daily and provides a range of amenities, including a bowling pro shop and dining options.

Although it’s one of the top spots for bowling in Dubai, you might find it crowded if your timing isn’t just right. If that’s the case, we’d highly recommend checking out Switch Bowling.


  • 36 modern bowling lanes
  • On-site dining and arcade games
  • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere

Ticket prices: Starting from AED 18

3. Emirates Bowling Centre

Location: Al Rashidiya 1, Ajman

Operating hours: 12 PM – 2 AM, 2 PM – 3 AM (Friday), 12 PM – 3 PM (Saturday – Sunday)

The Emirates Bowling Centre is a budget-friendly destination offering games for just AED 15. This venue stands out among other bowling alleys in Ajman because of how it balances affordability with a vibrant atmosphere. Apart from bowling, it’s a great place to unwind and socialize, ensuring a memorable experience.


  • Affordable games.
  • Laid-back atmosphere.

Ticket prices: AED 15

4. Palma Bowling Club

Location: Unnamed Rd, Umm Al Quwain

Operating hours: 2 PM – 2 AM, 11 AM – 2 PM (Saturday – Sunday)

You’ll find this bowling alley at the luxurious Palma Beach Resort, offering a delightful experience with its modest four-lane alley. Apart from bowling, the club features a versatile entertainment hub. So, there’s something for everyone here.


  • World-class snooker and billiards tables
  • A diverse range of video games and table tennis

Ticket prices: Contact service provider

5. Super Bowling Center

Location: Bin Daher St, Al Nakheel, Ras Al Khaimah

Operating hours: 10 AM – 2 AM, 9 AM – 2 AM (Mondays)

The Super Bowling Center is a modern, family-friendly recreation facility spanning 107,639 square feet (10,000 square meters). Step inside and you’ll find 12 professional bowling lanes with the latest LCD screen scoring systems. Visitors can also enjoy billiards, table tennis, and PlayStation games, ensuring that there’s something for those who aren’t too keen on bowling.


  • 12 professional bowling lanes
  • Offers various activity packages

Ticket prices: Starting from AED 60

6. Yalla! Bowling

Location: City Centre, Muwaileh Commercial, Al Zahia, Sharjah

Operating hours: 10 AM – 10 PM, 10 AM – 12 AM (Thursday – Friday)

Yalla!, located in Magic Planet, is another fantastic venue for some good ol’ fashioned family fun. This entertainment hub has a decent 12 bowling lanes with all the modern trimmings, so both casual and seasoned bowlers will be satisfied. Plus, the other arcade attractions make it a top choice for those looking to liven up their time in Sharjah.


  • Additional attractions like mini-golf

Ticket prices: Starting from AED 45

7. 911 GAMES Station

Location: Al Haleefat Road, Fujairah

Operating hours: 1:30 PM – 1 AM, 12:30 PM – 2:30 AM (Thursday – Sunday)

And last but not least, we have 911 GAMES Station – a vibrant family-friendly venue that isn’t the fanciest but certainly does simple very well. The venue has a great mix of activities for all ages and is a great option for anyone looking to kick back and relax in Fujairah.


  • Wide selection of arcade machines
  • Multiple pool tables

Ticket prices: Contact service provider


What do I need to bowl?

To go bowling, you’ll typically only need the following:

  • Bowling shoes – these are usually provided by the bowling center.
  • Socks to wear with the bowling shoes.
  • A bowling ball – you can either rent one from the center or bring your own.

Do note that some centers may have additional rules or requirements. Also, don’t forget to brush up on some bowling tips before heading out.

Can children bowl?

Yes, children can definitely go bowling. Many bowling centers are family-friendly and cater to kids by offering bumpers to prevent gutter balls, lightweight balls designed for children, and sometimes arcade games.

What is the highest bowling alley in Dubai?

The 44 Lounge, located on the 44th floor of the Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City, is known to house the world’s highest bowling alley. It offers stunning views of Dubai’s skyline along with its four bowling lanes.

Where is bowling most popular in the world?

Bowling is popular worldwide but some of the countries where it’s most widely played include the United States, Japan, Germany, and South Korea.

Final Thoughts

Don’t strike out by missing out on the best bowling experiences in the UAE. There’s everything you’d expect and more, from super modern facilities to laid-back, family-friendly vibes. Whether you’re honing your bowling skills or looking to enjoy the other activities on offer, be sure to check out these top spots.


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