The United Arab Emirates boasts some of the most beautiful and varied landscapes in the world—and what better way to enjoy the exquisite views than from a horse?

Horseback riding is an excellent exercise and a memorable means of transportation.

Ditch loud and obstructive vehicles in favor of a more natural and intimate approach to tourism.

Read on to discover your unforgettable horse ride in the UAE.

Al Wadi Equestrian Center (Ras Al Khaimah) – For the Quintessential Desert Hack

You will find this luxurious, quintessential Arabian stable in the Ritz-Carlton hotel.

With its menu of diverse cultural experiences, the Al Wadi Equestrian Center is an essential stop on your tour of the UAE.

Enjoy a camel ride and evening caravan experience in the desert and learn about horses’ cultural and historical importance to the region.

Take riding lessons at any level and enjoy a ride through the horse-walking arena.

For younger children, try a pony encounter, where kids get to groom, wash, walk, and ride horses.

JA Equestrian Center (Dubai) – For the Beach Lover

This beautiful resort boasts seven temperature-controlled swimming pools—including an infinity pool with a sea view. But their best feature is the equestrian center: a beautiful, air-conditioned stables hosting healthy, happy horses.

This company will take you horseback riding in the Arabian Gulf or hacking in the desert.

Are you looking for a kid-friendly experience? Try pony rides for the little ones and make lifetime memories.

Al Ali Horse Riding Stable – For the Adventurer

The Al Ali Stable promises a horseback ride to remember.

This club offers horseback riding in the desert. Catch one of their sunrise or sunset desert hacks to beat the heat and experience the beauty of Dubai at dawn and dusk.

After your ride, drink tea with your instructors and choose your favorite pictures for everyone back home.

This company now offers beach rides per request, as the beach is one hour from the stable.

Their reviews are also excellent.

Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club – For the Basics (or a Refresher) 

This capital city classic offers classes of all kinds and at all levels.

Whether you are a novice horseback rider or a seasoned veteran, this riding school has a class or event to cater to your needs. This club is also great for consistent riders seeking to build a community.

Check out their horse racing and show jumping events, or stop by to watch dressage.

At the center of the UAE’s biggest city, this club is convenient to get to and accessible to all riders.

Emirates Equestrian Center (Dubai) – For Diverse Riders

This equestrian club offers many different features.

The riding club is best for beginners pursuing their horseback riding dreams.

Once you know how to canter and trot, you can go on one of their popular desert hacks and experience a trek through the incandescent desert landscape.

Have kids? Learn with ponies. Or better yet: hire ponies for your child’s birthday party.

The equestrian center also offers shows—from racing to dressage.

Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club – For Polo Players

This stable boasts a state-of-the-art facility that caters to everyone from beginners to experienced riders.

The grounds comprise over six million square feet of land, where you will find a riding school, polo academy, and world-class polo fields.

The modern livery houses up to 357 horses who receive the best care and training from experienced staff.

It’s a great place to play polo—but don’t miss showjumping, dressage, and other exciting events in the heart of Dubailand.

Desert Palm Riding School (Dubai) – For Happy Horses

Desert Palm Riding School is one of the most famous stables in the region.

With 47 horses available for classes and 44 private livery horses, this stable caters to travelers and locals with their horses. These horses are well cared for with convertible air-conditioned stables for hot summers.

Desert Palm hosts many events and offers a wide selection of riding lessons at different levels.

This stable also offers riding lessons with ponies for young children and those seeking a gentler experience.

Al Forsan (Abu Dhabi) – For Dressage 

This prized institution operates out of the capital city and offers some of the region’s most highly-rated dressage lessons and events.

Learn quintessential dressage moves like the pirouette and piaffe, or watch the pros training in the academy’s beautiful rings.

The stable offers jumping clinics and dressage for all levels and ages and are British Horse Society-approved.

Al Forsan is a multi-sport resort, so when you are finished riding, check out other popular offerings like paintball, water-skiing, archery, and shooting.

Al Jiyad Stables  (Dubai) – For the Horse-Lover

Choose from over 120 gorgeous Arabian horses at this luxury riding center.

Al Jiyad Stables offers amazing desert hacks—complete with unmatched photo opportunities. The institution is located in the beautiful El Marmoun preserve and boasts incredible views of the desert landscape. Choose from dozens of rides throughout the day or catch a highly-rated sunset horseback ride.

The stable is family-owned and operated, and the horses are well cared for, so you can feel good about riding with them.

Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club (Dubai) – For the Luxury Lover

The Al Habtoor resort is a luxurious, state-of-the-art resort with beautiful villas, luxury homes, world-class polo fields, a polo academy, a riding school, and a riding facility.

This facility houses over 200 horses, and the animals receive the highest care from staff and trainers.

There is something for everyone here, whether you are a beginner or an experienced polo player. Their riding lessons are accessible and adaptive, and their polo lessons will take your game to the next level.

Bab Al Shams – For Your 2023 Getaway

This resort offers various activities and experiences: from archery to camel rides.

Sign up for a luxury getaway and enjoy the resort’s many features or call ahead for a one-hour desert hack.

Their treks on horseback are popular among seasoned travelers, and the attentive staff will ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your experience.

Keep in mind that this resort is closed until 2023 for repairs and renovations!

Before You Go 

The Arabian peninsula is famous for its beautiful horses. Experience the UAE as it has been for millennia—on horseback—and remember to take plenty of pictures.

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