Jais Flight – World’s Longest Zipline Launch Platform
Jebel Jais Flight – World’s Longest Zipline Ras Al Khaimah
Jebel Jais Flight – World’s Longest Zipline Setting up
Jebel Jais Flight – World’s Longest Zipline
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Jais Flight, the eponymously named longest zipline adventure in the world, is located atop the cloud-piercing Jebel Jais mountain peak in Ras Al Khaimah, the northern-most Emirate in the UAE. If you are a thrill-seeker, you will enjoy the adrenaline-fueled experience that takes you at knee-trembling speeds of between 120 kmph and 150 kmph for almost three hair-raising minutes across deep ravines, canyons and through jagged peaks that lie 1680 metres above sea level.


The Warrior Group is the exclusive operator of Jais Flight. The professionally trained team is committed to affording you the most exciting flying experience whilst providing the highest standards of excellence and safety. Torroverde strives to protect the environment and harmonise with nature; they are leaders in ethical tourism and ask you to do the same. Each participant will be fitted correctly with the right over-suit and superhero-style horizontal harness that allows you to fly 2.83 km aerodynamically at high speeds. The fastest flight section takes you to a 9-tonne glass-bottomed Insta-worthy platform that resembles a hovering bird of prey suspended 80 metres above the ground. From here, your final flight will be the much shorter and relatively sedate 1km zipline that finally takes you to terra firma at the foot of the mountains.


Arriving at the Jais Welcome Centre

The parking facilities are clearly marked and easily accessible for all vehicle types. Upon arrival, check in at the information centre by providing your reservation information. The shuttle service will take you to the Jais Adventure Park, just a few minutes away.



October to March

Sunday to Thursday AED360.00

Friday and Saturday AED450.00


April, May, September

Sunday to Thursday AED330.00

Friday and Saturday AED410.00


June, July, August

Sunday to Thursday AED300.00

Friday and Saturday AED360.00


Operational Hours

Open Wednesday to Sunday, and all public holidays.
Jais Flight slots: 9:30AM – 4:00PM


Before you come 

If you have never been to the Jebel Jais Mountains before, make sure to give yourself extra time to get to the top. The mountains rise proudly almost two kilometres above the Arabian Gulf and the low-lying date wadis. Well-made roads traverse hairpin bends that dramatically criss-cross the mountain vista. On your way up, there are various photogenic opportunities and safe pull-ins for you to photograph the barren landscapes, deep chasms and rugged cliffs. You might want to bypass the Jais Flight and head straight to the summit. The ultimate viewing deck affords breathtaking views across more of the Hajjar mountains, rolling desert-scapes and finally to the farms and sea below. You’ll probably meet a chatty donkey, a cunning mountain goat or two (please don’t feed them) or a solitary shepherd going about their daily tasks.


The theatrical climb to Jais Flight is approximately 30 km and is accessible by cars, 4X4s, motorbikes and cycles. When you have parked in the Jais Flight car park, please report to the information centre with a printed copy of your reservation. Don’t forget your passport or Emirates ID.

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