Are you planning a trip to the UAE in 2024 and keen on experiencing a thrilling display of aviation mastery? Airshows are some of the most fascinating spectacles that the UAE has to offer.


With events such as the UAE National Day and the Dubai Airshow taking place throughout 2024, you’re set for an immersive taste of global aerospace prowess. Events like the Abu Dhabi Air Expo and the MEBAA show sometimes have their air shows too, but they surely display an astonishing variety of aircraft.


Dive into our guide and let’s fly high through the sky-scraping highlights of these epic airborne festivals attracting millions from around the globe!

Overview of Air Shows Happening in UAE 2024

If you’re an aviation fan or just a general fan of flying things, there are a few more exciting events to attend in the UAE next year, than air shows. In 2024, the UAE will host some of the most incredible air shows in the world.


From the Abu Dhabi Air Expo to the Dubai Airshow, there’s something for every aviation enthusiast. If you decide to make time for these, you will witness breathtaking aerial displays and the latest advancements in aerospace technology. 


So mark your calendars because these air shows will leave you in awe.

Dubai Airshow

Dubai Airshow is a spectacular event gaining global recognition as one of the largest and most successful air shows in the world. Established in 1986, originally known as Arab Air, it’s become a prestigious platform bringing together international aerospace industry professionals from over 20 countries.


The show not only features advanced aviation technology but also showcases the prowess of top aircraft manufacturers.


The Dubai Airshow has been instrumental in networking and collaboration among global aviation professionals. Here, defense-related and commercial aviation interfaces effectively with private aviation sectors to envision future possibilities.


In its upcoming iteration in 2024 hosted at Sheik Zayed Road Convention Gate, expect unparalleled exhibitions featuring cutting-edge innovations that have revolutionized modern-day flight travel.


The Dubai Airshow is one of the largest air shows in the world, showcasing the latest advancements in the aerospace industry. With over 180 advanced aircraft on display, visitors can witness impressive flight shows and marvel at cutting-edge technology.


With this rich history and unique opportunities for professional growth, both tourists and participants eagerly anticipate what’s next from this grand showcase of aerodynamics brilliance!

Flight Shows During the Union Day

The Union Day celebrations are not just about parades and fireworks. One of the highlights of this festive occasion is the thrilling flight shows across the Emirates. Celebrated on December 2nd every year, it is a significant event commemorating the federation’s formation in 1971. 


The UAE Air Force’s Al Fursan (which means “The Knights”) aerobatic display team frequently puts on impressive performances in the skies above the UAE. Their display consists of aerial maneuvers with their seven Aermacchi MB-339A jet trainers, which often emit smoke in the colors of the UAE flag: green, white, black, and red.


During UAE National Day, aviation enthusiasts can witness jaw-dropping aerobatic stunts that showcase the skill and precision of pilots. The airshows often include formations, loops, rolls, and daring aerial acrobatics that leave spectators in awe.


It’s an exhilarating experience for both locals and tourists alike.

Where to Watch 

The best place to watch the UAE National Day air shows largely depends on the location of the air show and the kind of experience you’re seeking. But, if you were to ask us, here are the best locations in the main regions.


Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Corniche is often a prime location for watching air shows. The long stretch of beach provides an excellent vantage point, and there are often large screens set up for attendees to watch other National Day festivities. Also, near the Marina Mall, you can often get a good view of the aerial displays.


Dubai: You can go to Jumeirah Beach and marvel anywhere along the stretch, it can offer good views, especially if the aerial display is centered around this area. Sometimes, air shows or flypasts occur over the Creek area. Any of the promenades or parks along the Creek could provide a good view. But if the display involves the Burj Khalifa, then the Downtown Dubai area is the perfect spot.


Ras Al Khaimah: Al Qawasim Corniche, no doubt. It’s the best possible spot when there are celebrations in Ras Al Khaimah.


Sharjah: The Al Majaz Waterfront can offer excellent views if the air show happens nearby.

Abu Dhabi Air Expo

The Abu Dhabi Air Expo, slated for October 29-31, 2024, is not just an event—it’s a showcase of the latest marvels in aviation. Considered one of the prime happenings in the aerospace industry globally, it’s taking place at Al Bateen Executive Airport.


The Abu Dhabi Air Expo has a variety of aircraft for attendees to marvel at. From private jets to light aircraft, visitors can come close to each of them and inspect them. There are also many company exhibition stands from around the world that showcase their products and services related to the aviation industry.


But most exciting of all, depending on the year and participants, there might be flight demonstrations or special aerial displays. However, it’s important to check these beforehand, if you don’t want to leave disappointed.


Take advantage of the exciting air shows happening in the UAE in 2024! From the UAE National Day to the Dubai Airshow, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Experience breathtaking flight shows, amazing aerial displays, and aircraft exhibitions throughout the year.


Mark your calendars and get ready to be amazed by these thrilling aviation events in the Emirates next year.


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