If you’re still trying to figure out your Christmas plans, check out these fabulous Christmas Day brunches and dinners, plus Christmas Eve dinners in UAE.

Places like Dubai and Ras Al-Khaimah have extraordinary food from around the world. With so many phenomenal options, it can be hard to choose.

Keep reading for the eight best restaurants to check out to make your Christmas even jollier.

The 4 Best Christmas Day Brunches

Looking to fill your belly after a busy Christmas morning tearing through wrapping paper? The four restaurants mentioned below offer the best brunches in UAE, so don’t miss out!


An iconic place to book a Christmas Day brunch is 3BK, a famous restaurant in the Armani Hotel in the center of Dubai. Make sure you book reservations ahead because this is a busy spot on Christmas Day. Every year, they offer a Christmas-themed brunch where you can enjoy a hardy four-course meal with quality ingredients and creative recipes.


The 3BK menu has something for everyone, making it an easy choice for large parties. Along with sensational food, you can also experience live music and entertainment, including singers, drummers, dancers, acrobats, and saxophonists.

Al Liwan

Al Liwan is a popular Christmas brunch spot for tourists and locals alike! They offer a special Christmas Day brunch for families and friends to celebrate the holiday and stuff their bellies with impeccable food. It’s inside the Al Marjan Resort and Spa, which is convenient for most people.


You can get there whether you’re in the heart of Dubai or staying in Ras Al Khaimah. And the fresh food and memorable plates are worth a short drive. The Levantine cuisine will make your mouth water and your senses tingle. Try freshly-prepared salads or rustic grilled dishes to experience authentic Levantine flavors.


Chinese food on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day is a tradition for many. You can keep that tradition alive by enjoying the Asian-inspired brunch at Zengo. The restaurant has an eclectic menu with timeless dishes that are bursting with exotic and intriguing flavors.


They offer an exciting culinary experience that will leave you wanting more, even after your stomach is full. You can also enjoy the dazzling dessert options that beautifully punctuate the brunch. The Asian restaurant is in Le Meridien Beach Resort and Spa and offers a stylish and upscale dining experience.

Anar Restaurant

Anar Restaurant is a gorgeous place to enjoy a large Christmas Day brunch. They have a set holiday menu package, which includes an appetizer, main course, and sweet dessert. The brunch starts at noon and goes on for the whole day, so you can sleep in, take your time opening presents, and head to the restaurant whenever you’re belly starts to grumble.


It’s one of the most authentic UAE restaurants to visit, highlighting the exquisite flavors of Persian food. And it’s not far from the Arabian Gulf if you want to enjoy the water on a beautiful Christmas afternoon.

The 4 Best Christmas Day or Christmas Eve Dinners

Whether you need dinner plans on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, these four restaurants are the perfect spot to book a reservation. No matter what type of food you want, one of these restaurants will hit the spot and give you a Christmas dinner you won’t soon forget.

Al Dana

There is something about a buffet that feels perfect for Christmas. You can load up your plate and eat until you can’t move. The best place to enjoy a Christmas dinner buffet is the Al Dana restaurant not far from Ras Al Khaimah. This buffet has everything you could want on Christmas, from juicy meat to crunchy salads to decadent side dishes and more.


It’s the perfect place to bring a large group or enjoy Christmas Day with children, as it has a convivial and welcoming vibe. It may feel casual, but the food is prepared with passion and precision. You’ll be in awe of the artistic plating and marvelous flavors at the buffet. Plus, you can take part in some jovial Christmas caroling.

Al Fresco

If you’re in the mood for some pasta, make a Christmas Day or Eve reservation at the fabulous Italian restaurant called Al Fresco. They have a plentiful Christmas set dinner with decadent dishes full of authentic Italian flavors. While this spot can cater to families and all groups, it has a romantic vibe that makes it ideal for a couple’s romantic Christmas.


Sit on the stunning outdoor terrace or cozy up with a bowl of spaghetti in the intimate indoor setting. You’ll be mesmerized by the charming restaurant, spectacular Italian food, and extraordinary service.

Mezzanine Bar and Kitchen

Finding an available reservation late in the season can be challenging, but the Mezzanine Bar and Kitchen have two dinner sittings, making it easier to grab a table. The menu is set, and everything is included in the fixed price, making it easy to plan.


It’s the perfect place for vegans and vegetarians, as it has a highly accommodating menu. But if you don’t have any diet restrictions, you can enjoy a robust main meal with all the expected Christmas trimmings. You’ll also get tasty starters for sharing and dazzling desserts to round out the evening.


Saffron has a stellar brunch, but they also serve up a delightful Christmas dinner that will have your mouth watering. The Christmas Day dinner at Saffron is festive and plentiful. They have a set menu ideal for sharing, which is the true spirit of Christmas!


They serve a beautiful meal on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner, giving you the flexibility to choose when you celebrate with them. There will be Santa Claus and elves, so it’s a brilliant place to bring kids on Christmas.

Final Thoughts

Christmas is a time to treat yourself and indulge a little. Don’t settle for a medicare Christmas meal when you can enjoy the creativity and perfection of these menus.


You can take advantage of a generous buffet or relax with a fixed menu of delicious food. Just make your reservation soon, so you don’t get stuck going to an average restaurant.


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