There is a reason why Dubai holds a permanent spot in tourism. Filled with exciting attractions such as artificial islands and exquisite coastal shores, those living or seeking to travel to the Emirates have numerous fun activities to undertake.

So, if you are looking for a fun vacation, what better way to do it than going for a luxurious cruise from Dubai and sailing through the Arabian Gulf? 

There are quite a few fantastic cruises departing from Dubai to otherworldly destinations. 

Here is a look at eight of the best cruises departing from Dubai to popular global destinations.

Arabian Gulf and Emirates Voyage Cruise

If you want to cruise and return home raving about an experience of a lifetime, then the Arabian Gulf and Emirates Voyage cruise is an ideal choice.

This magnificent cruise takes place on the Azamara Quest ship that seeks to mesmerize you with impeccable Middle East and Arabian Gulf views.

Some amenities at the Azamara Quest include 24-hour room service, over 44 suites, 205 verandahs, and 71 ocean view spots. It is a floating hotel that will depart and return to Dubai after a 7-night trip.

With approximately $3500, you can enjoy wining and dining, live music and dancing shows, and busk in the sun.

UAE Oman Bahrain Qatar Cruise

In the UAE Oman Bahrain Qatar cruise, you can indulge in a luxurious trip using the MSC cruise ship.

The ship is known to have private minibars and luxurious suite quarters fitted with all the best facilities, including a refrigerator, TV and AC, and 24-hour room service. The ship will also make an 11-round trip from Dubai and progress to the other Emirates in the Arabian Gulf.

You will surely see the greenish-blue sea landscapes and have a beach experience at Sir Bani Yas Island. Some other top destinations within the cruise include Abu Dhabi, UAE, Doha, Qatar, Gulf of Oman, Muscat, and Damman in Saudi Arabia before returning to Dubai.

Silversea Cruise

Like many cruises, Silversea cruise delivers a five-star experience to all its clients. Depending on your preference, you can enjoy their spacious staterooms, night entertainment, gym accommodations, open-seating dining options, world-class cuisines, butler service, and frequent room service.  

With the Silversea cruise, you get to depart from Dubai on a nine-night trip with stops at exotic places, including Doha, Qatar, Al Manamah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Kasab, and then back to Dubai.

As a seasoned traveler, choose Silversea cruises because they are destination-oriented, and focus on service delivery.

Jewels of Arabia & India Cruise 7874

Are you looking to travel to the Middle East via a cruise ship? Then Jewels of Arabia & India Cruise 7874 is an ideal choice.

Using the Seabourn’s ships, tourists are assured of ultra-luxury vacations. The Jewels of Arabia & India cruise offers an 18-night tour of the Arabian Gulf from Dubai to the Middle East in Singapore.

The rooms aboard the Seabourn’s ships are spacious, each with a TV, minibar, living room, and bed chambers to relax.

You can enjoy a 5-star cuisine experience, dance beneath the stars, and pamper yourself to the live classical and broadway shows in the evening.

The Spice Route Cruise

Are you looking for a romantic getaway cruise trip? Then the Spice Route Cruise is a perfect choice.

For approximately $7,200, the Spice Route Cruise is one of the most popular cruise trips in the Mediterranean. The voyage uses the Azamara Quest ships that allow seasonal tourists to go on an Azamara pursuit.

The Spice Route Cruise incorporates a 19-night cruise from the land of luxury, Dubai, to the food capital of the world, Singapore.

You and your partner will have plenty of time to immerse yourselves in all the entertainment amenities aboard the floating hotel at sea. For example, you can stay in their state-of-the-art suites and enjoy the waking seas and oceanview. Some other amenities on board include vast verandahs and open bars you can visit for an evening cocktail.

In addition, nothing beats a luxurious Spice Route Cruise than enjoying exquisite meals and fine dining while touring ports including India, Thailand, Phuket, and other places.  

The Africa and Indian Ocean Cruise

Another great cruise you can embark on this holiday is the Africa and Indian Ocean Cruise with the Silver Spirit cruise ship.

On a nine-night cruise, the Silver Spirit visits six destinations on a roundtrip to Dubai. Ideally, the ship leaves Dubai on the first day and stops at Doha, Al Manamah, Dammam, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, and Kasab before returning to Dubai on the last day.

Traveling with the Silver Spirit ship has its perks. It offers its guests some of the best cruising spacious decks to relax, a first-class dining experience, and a chance for tourists to meet and greet while on the cruise.  

Arabian Peninsula, UAE Bahrain Qatar Cruise

Set sail across the Arabian Gulf with the MSC Splendida for a 7-night Arabian Peninsula Bahrain Qatar cruise excursion.

Starting from finding dining restaurants, 24-hour butler service, open pool deck and bars, luxury spas, live music performances, and cabins with private balconies, this ship will offer you an exciting cruise experience.

The destinations on the cruise from Dubai are unique places of history with avenues for sightseeing, cultural experience, exploring exotic Arabian markets, and Islamic art and culture.

In addition, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, and Dubai will surprise you with their daring revolutionary architecture, and enjoy the sea landscapes on the cruise.  

The Arabian Peninsula, UAE Bahrain Qatar Cruise is quite a famous cruise for summer vacations in Dubai.  

Indian Ocean Gala Cruise 

Individuals looking for a 30-day cruising experience should consider the Indian Ocean Gala cruise that uses the Nautica cruise ship to travel. It offers one of the largest cruising vacation duration from Dubai to Cape Town, South Africa. 

Aboard the ship, guests can comfortably dine and relax with pleasure. They can also conduct meetings online and work while still on vacation and enjoy the beautiful Indian Ocean views as they travel to South Africa. It will be an experience of a lifetime.


Cruise trips are some of the best and most luxurious ways to enjoy a vacation with family and loved ones and Dubai has some of the best ones.

Given a detailed itinerary and information on cruises departing from Dubai, nothing can hold you back from exploring the seas and different countries from a sea trip perspective.  

Pick a destination of choice and sail with some of the best cruises departing from Dubai while indulging in the best meals, history, activities, and culture.


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