The United Arab Emirates is a fantastic honeymoon and vacation destination. The vast desert sites are among the best tourist attractions in the Emirates.

While it is magical to camp in the middle of the desert, one would prefer to sleep in a gorgeous hotel offering different amenities. This is where UAE’s desert resorts come in since they provide fantastic dinner options, spas, and desert games like sandboarding. You will also enjoy the best Arabic culture.

Continue reading to know some of the best desert resorts in the UAE for a staycation.

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, Abu Dhabi

You can guarantee the resort will be epic if it has a breathtaking entrance. Apart from the impressive entrance, Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort has spectacular landscapes, and you will experience sunset views.

This resort has hosted many celebrities in Abu Dhabi, deep in the Rub Al Khali desert.

Camel trekking is a good morning activity at the resort, allowing you to learn more about Salukis and Falcons.   

At Qasr Al Sarab Desert resort, there is something for everyone. There are teen and children clubs where your children can enjoy while you have some alone time.

This desert resort is the place to be if you are on holiday.

Al Maha, A Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai

Since its inception in 1999, Al Maha has become a popular desert resort in Dubai. The resort has many amenities, such as private pools and butler services for your staycation.

This Dubai-based desert resort is one of the most romantic places to visit because it has Bedouin tents gazing toward the desert dunes. You also get to see sunset views from your hotel in the evening.

In addition to the many amenities offered, you will enjoy full-board meals, wildlife drives, and camel drives.

Al Maha is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway or your honeymoon.  

Telal Resort, Abu Dhabi

Telal Resort is in Al Ain in the Remah desert. One thing that separates this resort from the rest is its recreational activities. For instance, they have zip lining, archery, sandboarding, and table tennis.

You are also covered if you want to relax since the resort offers various spa services. They also have a hideaway, which suits those who want to learn more about Al Ain’s history.

Another reason you should visit Telal is that the resort is near an oasis. You will see various exotic wildlife, such as gazelles, swans, and houbara.

The resort has world-class room suites, and you will not regret visiting the place.

The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert

This resort is on the northern side of the Emirates in Ras Al Khaimah. It has many villas spread across the Al Wadi Nature reserve.

This resort is an excellent place to observe the fantastic wildlife and sand dunes.


The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah resort has spacious tented villas stocked with a private swimming pool. You can also enjoy other activities, such as horse riding and wildlife walks.

This resort is ideal for those looking for an Arabian-styled vacation.

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa, Dubai

Located in Dubai, this is an excellent place to visit if you want to see sights without traveling a long distance in the desert. The rooms are comfortable and have modern amenities but with different cultural decorations.

The resort has many swimming pools for the guests, and you can watch many types of wildlife, such as gazelles and birds. They also offer multiple children’s activities, such as horse riding and camel treks.


Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa is the ideal destination for a family getaway.

Al Wathba, A Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Abu Dhabi

The Al Wathba Resort has spacious rooms with modern amenities. The resort is strategically located in the desert, making it easy for the guests to see the vast desert and sand dunes.

Apart from the Arabic dining areas, there is an Italian restaurant that serves various Italian foods for those who prefer this cuisine.

Other amenities include saunas, steam rooms, body treatments, and massage. The resort is near the Al Wathba Wetland Reserve, where you will see many flamingos.

Al Wathba is the best destination for those looking for an ideal place to relax and enjoy sand dune views.

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat, Sharjah

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat is on the Emirate’s southern border near the Margham desert. It only takes one hour to get to the resort from Sharjah.


This resort gives you two dining options. You can dine in-suite with access to an indoor pool, allowing you to cool off after a long day. They also have an outdoor restaurant. 


You can also do various outdoor activities, such as sandboarding and desert safaris.


Mysk Al Badayer Retreat is the place to be if you want a vacation destination with many fun activities.

Tilal Liwa Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Tilal Liwa Hotel is the best option if you want a cheap desert resort. You must drive for two hours from Abu Dhabi to get to the hotel, but it is worth it.

This resort offers an epic view of the sand dunes every morning. It has modern rooms with multiple amenities like swimming pools and gardens.

You can also do other fun activities like sandboarding and dune bashing. At night, the hotel’s management sets up a bonfire for all the visitors.

Tilal Liwa is a good destination for those looking for an overseas camping experience.


The United Arab Emirates is one of the best places to visit if you plan a vacation. Apart from visiting multiple sites, you will experience UAE’s best hospitality services.

These desert resorts have all the amenities you will require during your vacation, such as swimming pools and spa services. You can also participate in multiple fun activities, such as horse riding, Carmel trekking, archery, table tennis, and desert walks.


These are also the best places to visit if you have never seen a sand dune.


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