Peking duck is a hallmark of Chinese cuisine. Beloved for its crispy skin and succulent meat, this dish will keep you coming back for more. If you’re craving this delicacy, rest assured that the UAE boasts some exceptional spots to satisfy your taste buds.

Whether you’re new to this culinary delight or searching for the perfect place that offers it alongside some fried rice or as part of a dim sum spread, our guide will show you the way. You’re about to discover the best places to enjoy the finest Peking duck in the UAE.

The Top 5 Places to Enjoy Peking Duck in the UAE

  1. Back Home Restaurant – Ras Al Khaimah
  2. Hutong – Dubai
  3. Shang Palace – Abu Dhabi
  4. Peking Chinese Restaurant – Sharjah
  5. Sanchaya – Ras Al Khaimah

Price range indicator (AED):

  • A – Budget
  • AA – Moderate
  • AAA – Expensive

1. Back Home Restaurant – Ras Al Khaimah

Location: Al Salam Building, Sheikh Saqr Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi Rd, Al-Turfa, Ras Al Khaimah

Operating hours: 12 PM – 12 AM

We’ll start our culinary journey where you can find some of the best Peking duck in Ras Al Khaimah. Back Home Restaurant certainly isn’t the fanciest eatery out there, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find some good grub here. It offers a truly authentic Chinese cuisine experience, emphasizing traditional flavors and cooking methods.

The restaurant has a homey ambiance which, coupled with excellent service, makes it a must-visit for locals and tourists.


  • Charming atmosphere with an authentic Chinese restaurant feel
  • Attentive and friendly staff

Price range: A

2. Hutong – Dubai

Location: Ground Floor DIFC, Gate Building 6, Al Sukook Street, Trade Centre, DIFC, Dubai

Operating hours: 12 PM – 12:45 AM (Sunday – Friday), 12:30 PM – 12:45 AM (Saturdays)

Hutong is easily one of the best Chinese restaurants in Dubai, offering a carefully curated blend of Northern Chinese cuisine. Located a mere 15-minute drive from Business Bay, this restaurant offers an extensive selection, divided into brunch, lunch, and dinner menus. Plus, it boasts an impressive a la carte menu for those who are just feeling a bit peckish.

Take our word for it: Hutong promises a memorable dining experience with authentic flavors and a stylish ambiance. But, not every restaurant is for everyone. Luckily Dubai is never short of options.

For example, The Royal China Restaurant is great for Hong Kong Chinese dishes and authentic Asian music. Then there’s Chaun, which has private dining rooms, and Demon Duck, which does contemporary Chinese very well.


  • Well-rated roasted Peking duck
  • Stylish ambiance – great for photos
  • Convenient location in Dubai

Price range: AAA

3. Shang Palace – Abu Dhabi

Location: Level 1 (Ground floor), Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi

Operating hours: 12 PM – 3 PM and 6 PM – 10:30 PM

Located at Shangri-La Qaryat Al Beri, Shang Palace is a culinary escape in Abu Dhabi that you won’t forget. Known for its signature roasted Peking duck (served one or three ways) and delectable dim sum, this restaurant does a brilliant job of blending traditional flavors with contemporary techniques. A visit here will not disappoint, especially if you try out their Peking Social Brunch special.


  • Sophisticated and welcoming environment
  • Acclaimed menu featuring a wide array of Cantonese and provincial specialties

Price range: AA – AAA

4. Peking Chinese Restaurant – Sharjah

Location: Al Estiqlal St, Al Yarmook, Halwan Suburb, Sharjah

Operating hours: 12:30 PM – 12:30 AM

You can’t go wrong with the Peking duck at Peking Chinese Restaurant. It’s another relatively quaint restaurant with a charming and relaxing atmosphere. Pair this with hearty portions and flavorful options and you might just be looking at your new favorite restaurant in Sharjah!


  • Good value for money – generous servings ideal for sharing
  • Wide selection of Chinese and Thai dishes
  • Relaxed ambiance, ideal for family and group dining

Price range: A

5. Sanchaya – Ras Al Khaimah

Location: DoubleTree by Hilton Resort & Spa Marjan Island, Marjan Island Blvd, Jazeerat Al Marjan, Ras Al Khaimah

Operating hours: 6 PM – 10:30 PM (Sunday – Friday), 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM and 6 PM – 10:30 PM (Saturday)

We’re going back to Ras Al Khaimah for this entry because its dining options are simply boundless. Sanchaya is a highly-rated restaurant on Marjan island that offers a vibrant dining experience, guiding you through various Asian countries. From Mongolian lamb shank to Cambodian duck curry and Peking duck, the menu is diverse and exciting.

We should also mention that the restaurant has a stunning waterside terrace with awesome views.


  • Eclectic Asian variety menu
  • Stunning terrace with views of the Arabian Gulf

Price range: AA – AAA


Where does Peking duck come from?

Peking duck originated in Beijing, China. It’s been prepared since the Imperial era and was once a regular feature of the emperor’s dinner table. The dish is characterized by its thin, crispy skin and is traditionally served with spring onion, cucumber, hoisin sauce and wrapped in thin Chinese pancakes.

What is the best way to enjoy Peking duck?

The best way to enjoy Peking duck is to assemble your own wrap. When you’re trying it for the first time, stick to the traditional formula. Place a slice of crispy duck skin, a teaspoon of hoisin sauce, some cucumber, and spring onion inside your Chinese pancake. Roll it up and savor the delicious combination.

Are there any unique variations or modern twists on Peking duck?

Although traditional Peking duck takes days to prepare, some restaurants offer quicker versions for busy people. These may use duck breasts instead of a whole duck and simplify the cooking process. However, most restaurants stick to the traditional methods of air-drying the duck and roasting it in a closed oven.

Some restaurants may offer unique variations like stuffing the duck with different herbs and spices before roasting.

Final Thoughts

The UAE offers a remarkable array of dining options for those seeking some Peking duck. From elegant settings to vibrant atmospheres, each of the spots we’ve mentioned has its own unique appeal. Whether you’re looking to savor some perfectly roasted duck or exploring diverse Asian cuisines, you’ll be spoiled for choice. And, if you’re unsure, why not try them all?


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