People have been practicing yoga for thousands of years, and it’s no surprise that you can find yoga studios and instructors all around the globe, including the United Arab Emirates.


In fact, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al Khaimah are home to several top-rated yoga studios, making it easy for yoga lovers to find teachers and classes that suit their needs and preferences. 


Let’s explore some of the best options available to residents and visitors!

Lifestyle Yoga

You don’t need to leave home to enjoy high-quality guided yoga sessions! Lifestyle Yoga in Dubai offers online classes (Virtual Yoga), some of which are live-streamed and others pre-recorded and ready for viewing anytime, anywhere.


This studio also offers training classes for those hoping to become yoga teachers. So, whether you’ve never practiced yoga before or are hoping to transform your learning into a career, Lifestyle Yoga has services and classes suited to your needs. 


If you have children, you’ll also be glad to know that this studio offers child-specific yoga classes. These classes are appropriate for children aged four and up, and they’re a fantastic way to help your little ones expend some energy while practicing the art of mindfulness.

Seven Wellness

Some yoga studios are essentially modified gyms that focus primarily on the physical health benefits of practicing yoga. Others focus on meditation and mindfulness, with few physically challenging classes available to students.


Seven Wellness, on the other hand, combines yoga’s physical and mental aspects. The result is a yoga studio that offers a comprehensive set of yoga practices and skills, ensuring that students get the most out of each experience.


This studio is also home to a small eatery, the Soul Cafe. You can enjoy a delicious plant-based meal or snack at this cafe to complement your positive lifestyle choices.

Dryp Yoga

No matter your experience level, Dryp Yoga in Dubai Marina has a class to meet your needs.


For example, this yoga studio offers classes that focus on mastering essential poses (Bikram Yoga) to classes that are all about burning calories while developing muscle mass (Hot Yoga Sculpt). 


Additionally, students are welcome to enjoy a single class or sign up for unlimited monthly or three-month periods. 


This makes it easy for beginner-level yoga students to decide whether Dryp Yoga is the right choice for them. It also ensures that students have the opportunity to try different types of yoga experiences!

Vipassana Meditation Center

While many yoga studios are located in high-traffic commercial areas like malls and shopping centers, Vipassana Meditation Center is a dedicated complex that’s sole purpose is to offer students an immersive opportunity to learn the Vipassana yoga method.


Students enrolled in the 10-day course stay on campus during their learning experience, allowing the focus to remain on mindfulness while keeping outside distractions at a minimum. This multi-day course is transformative and highly educational, making it a top-notch choice for anyone looking for a more in-depth yoga experience.


If you’re interested in exploring this yoga studio’s classes and events, plan your trip to Ras Al Khaimah today!

Yoga Ashram

Yoga Ashram (located in Dubai) offers a wide range of classes and programs, from corporate yoga sessions to keep employees in tip-top physical and mental shape to exciting retreats to Nepal for authentic yoga experiences.


Yoga Ahram also offers many training classes to help students become yoga instructors. Interested candidates can choose from 200-hour, 300-hour, and 50-hour educational programs to achieve their dream of becoming accredited yoga teachers.


And if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of attending group yoga classes, you’ll also appreciate that Yoga Ashram offers private yoga classes.

Sujana Power Yoga

If you’ve been looking for a family-friendly yoga studio, Sujana Power Yoga could be the ideal choice. 


Not only does this studio offer classes for every student’s learning ability and level, but it also hosts a fun summer camp chock-full of exciting activities to keep children active.


Regular yoga sessions at Sujana Power Yoga can also help you burn calories and get fit, as this studio is home to several weight-loss-focused classes. The relaxed, helpful attitude of instructors here keeps students eager to return, so be sure to visit this friendly yoga studio the next time you’re in Abu Dhabi.

Yoga House

Are you looking for a yoga studio that offers it all—retreats, corporate yoga, private sessions, and kids-friendly classes? If so, Yoga House could be a dream come true.


With two studios in Dubai, Yoga House is one of the most successful and highly rated options, and its classes are appropriate for beginners and advanced students. 


Both studios are well-equipped with clean, high-quality equipment and decorated in modern, minimalistic styles that allow students to focus on their poses and meditate peacefully. Breathing deeply has never been easier!


Finding prenatal yoga classes can be challenging. But Pratimoksha’s experienced and friendly instructors are more than happy to help expecting students safely practice poses, strengthen their bodies, and find mental peace via meditation. 


Even better, Pratimoksha offers online learning for students who’d prefer to practice yoga from the comfort and security of home. So, this studio could be the right choice if you’ve been searching for a convenient alternative to in-person yoga classes.

Tapas Power Yoga Center

Many yoga studios focus on a single type of yoga, but Tapas Power Yoga Center offers a variety of disciplines, including Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Power Yoga. This variety ensures that students can try new forms and select one that best suits their needs and preferences.


The staff at Tapas Power Yoga Center is also multilingual, making this studio a top-notch choice for visitors or new residents who are in the process of learning Arabic. This studio is also fully equipped, so there’s no need to bring your own mat or blocks (though you can if you prefer to do so).

Final Thoughts

Practicing yoga is a wonderful way to exercise your body and mind, and dozens of high-quality yoga studios are located throughout the United Arab Emirates. The right choice for you depends on your location and personal preferences.


Before visiting these yoga studios, you’ll want to check out their website for information concerning their codes of conduct, upcoming events, and hours of operation. Doing so is a fantastic way to choose a studio that suits your style!

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