Are you thinking of going to Europe this summer? If so, the best thing to do is to prepare ahead of time! Forget waiting until the last minute and then overpaying for your accommodation, expenses, and transportation — we have a better idea. 


Taking a luxury cruise from the UAE to Europe is a fun, easy, and exciting way to travel. Not only can you enjoy the numerous amenities while on board the ship, but you can get out at the ports of call along the way, giving you the ability to see multiple countries and cultures that you wouldn’t see otherwise. 


Let’s see some of the top options when it comes to choosing a cruise ship company and trip length that will make your summer holiday the best of your year. 

Cruises to Europe from the UAE

Are you looking for a fun-filled cruise that can give you an up close and personal view of the amazing Emirates? Well, look no further — we have multiple options that will be the highlight of your trip from Ras Al Khaimah to mainland Europe. 

Ancient Reflections Voyage from Clean Cruising

Clean Cruising offers a comprehensive cruise to Europe that encapsulates the true history and culture of the regions you will be passing by. We love the multiple ports of call so you can get out, explore, and chat with locals along the way to your end destination. Walk around the bustling towns of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, Sharm-el-Sheikh in Egypt, Aqaba in Jordan, and Safaga as you travel to the vibrant city of Istanbul, Turkey. 


During your trip on the boat, you can check out one of the numerous bars, pubs, lounges, and hang-out spots, such as The Living Room for a board game, the Cabaret Lounge to listen to live music, the Mosaic Cafe to get a coffee as a mid-afternoon pick me up, and the [email protected] for a nightclub vibe. 


Other fun things to do on the ship include going to the spa to chill out and relax during your vacation, hitting the gym to get the endorphins flowing, and eating a five-course meal at one of the fine dining restaurants, like Acqualina, Prime C, and The Wine Cellar. 

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises offers a variety of itineraries that head to Europe from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Qatar. Not only can you enjoy all there is to do and see once you get to Europe, but on board, you can take full advantage of the theater for a few flicks, restaurants to eat five-star food, bars to have a few drinks at night, and pubs to dance the night away. 

Azamara Cruises 

Check out the Azamara Emirates to Egypt and Athens cruise that takes passengers on a multi-week trip through vibrant towns like Alexandria in Egypt, Safaga in Egypt, Aqaba in Jordan, Eilat in Israel, and Muscat in Oman. 


While on the ship, you can hit the gym to stay healthy during your vacation, watch a movie with your friends at the large theater, relax poolside during a hot summer day, and get a five-course meal from one of the onboard restaurants. 

33 Night Cruise to the Mediterranean from Silver Split 

Silver Split offers a 33-night cruise to the Mediterranean that takes in the sights and sounds of Europe, offering guests a long-term option to travel in style. This large ship can fit 608 passengers and 411 crew members, featuring multiple decks, cabins, common spaces, and rooms, so you feel comfortable during your entire stay. 


Silver Split has 13 dining options, ranging from the casual Arts Cafe, offering coffee and snacks, to the Seishin Japanese Restaurant featuring top-class sashimi and fresh seafood. After a night of tasty food and strong drinks, you can take part in a dance class, gala evening, or martini tasting, or head to the Venetian Lounge or Panorama Lounge for nightly live music. 

34-Day Cruise from Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises offers a 34-day adventure from Dubai to the ‘Renaissance Gems’, bringing guests through highlights like the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, Safaga in Egypt, Suez Canal, Jerusalem, Limassol, Ionian Sea, Italy, France, Spain, and Monaco. 


Along with getting off the boat to see all that Europe and the Middle East have to offer, you can also have fun doing onboard activities. Oceania Cruises have sleek interiors, bars, casino, staterooms, spas, pools, gyms, open-seating restaurants, pubs, lounges, and suites that are sure to meet all of your needs. 

14 night Mediterranean Cruise from Discerning Traveler

Discerning Traveler offers a fun-filled two-week cruise that departs from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and lands in Piraeus in Athens, Greece. During the trip, you will stop at Safaga, Alexandria, Rhodes, and the bright white town of Santorini off the infamous Greek coastline. 


While on board, you can head to the Redemption Spa to ease your aching muscles from multiple days of hiking in the Greek hills! Or, you can check out the Aquatic Club to soak your legs in the pool, lay poolside to get a tan and sunbathe while reading a book on one of the high decks overlooking the bright blue water. 


For men who want to clean up during their vacation before date night, head to STubble and Groom to get a quick trim. Other fun self-care activities on the boat include going to Gym and Tonic to grab a healthy juice post-workout, heading to the Athletic Club to run or lift some weights, and exploring Squid Ink to see if you want to get your very first tattoo! 


If you are visiting the UAE for your upcoming holiday, there are endless things to do. While here, heading to the world-renowned and picturesque Ras Al Khaimah is an absolute must on your itinerary. Featuring incredible centuries of history, adrenaline-filled adventures, and far-reaching vistas, everyone in your group will love this northernmost Emirate.


Once it is time to go back to Europe, forget spending money on an overpriced flight. A cruise is the best way to see more countries along the way, prolong your vacation, and spend more time with your loved ones. Choosing one of the aforementioned cruises from the UAE to Europe is a great way for world travelers to tick a few more countries off their bucket lists. 


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