The United Arab Emirates, and desirable destinations like the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, remain some of the most in-demand places to visit in the world. In addition to jaw-dropping nature and amazing adventure activities, this location provides fascinating things to see and do.


The combination of its desert climate and conservative culture can make it difficult to anticipate what to pack. Follow our guide for a useful packing list and a deeper understanding of why packing intentionally will result in the best United Arab Emirates vacation ever.

How Does Weather Influence Fashion in the UAE?

The UAE experiences a desert climate due to its placement in the Arabian Gulf, near the Equator in the Middle East. The UAE lies near the nations of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Oman. Most of the land area of the UAE is vast expanses of desert and rolling dunes. Nearer to the coast are habitable areas with cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 


These factors result in a consistently mild and warm climate in the spring, with little chance of rain. Visitors to the UAE in spring do not need to worry about packing raincoats, umbrellas, or other rain gear. This part of the world experiences less than four inches of rain per year.


Travelers to the United Arab Emirates will be most comfortable in light and breathable layers. Even if you are traveling in early spring, linen clothing and other breezy choices will keep you comfortable while traveling in Ras Al Khaimah or another Emirate. Pack clothing to help block the sun, like sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat.


While rain will most likely not be a concern, other weather patterns can influence what you wear. For the utmost comfort, travelers should pack items to guard against dust storms. These storms, also called haboobs, are quite common in the UAE. 


Haboobs are especially frequent during turbulent weather times, like during the transition from winter to spring. Travelers can prepare by packing a shawl and sunglasses to protect their face and eyes from a possible sand storm, and keep a sealed water bottle filled to maintain hydration.

How Does Culture Influence Fashion in the UAE?

It’s important to consider the warm climate when choosing your fashion for a trip to the United Arab Emirates, but there are other topics to consider when packing for your vacation. 


The official religion of the UAE is Islam, which sets certain expectations for personal appearance. While the UAE is more relaxed in its fashion rules than other Middle Eastern nations like Iran, tourists will have the most successful holiday if they keep a few things in mind.


Modesty is still prized for women’s clothing in the UAE. While this is a subjective term, modesty generally refers to clothing that covers much of the body without being too clingy. Low-cut tops, short skirts, and body-conscious, stretchy dresses may raise eyebrows throughout this part of the world. 


Opt for knee-length or below-the-knee skirts and dresses while traveling in the United Arab Emirates. Flowing linen trousers, maxi dresses, and long-sleeve blouses are all acceptable. Short-sleeve shirts and shorts are welcome, but always keep modesty in mind.


While the UAE holds an overall conservative culture, visitors and residents of Emirates like Ras Al Khaimah also serve major fashion trends. There’s a reason the girls from Sex and the City went to the UAE in the second movie!


If you have ever traveled to high fashion destinations like Milan, Rome, or Paris, you will notice a similar devotion to fashion in the everyday people of the UAE. Especially when it’s time to hit the town in the evening, it is hard to be overdressed in the major cities of the Emirates. Break out your favorite glittery ensembles and heels for your holiday in the UAE.


If nights out aren’t your thing, you can still strut your stuff during brunch – a big deal in the UAE. Be sure to check for the latest trends for visiting special locations while on your trip as some restaurants and hotels feature events with themed dress codes. 

UAE Spring Packing List

Pack breezy, comfortable clothing for your spring vacation to the UAE, and opt for modesty to have the best time on your visit.


Be sure to include comfortable walking sneakers or sandals to assist you while sightseeing. Open-toed sandals and shoes are appropriate to wear in the Emirates.


Include a shawl or scarf as a versatile piece for your visit to the United Arab Emirates. As previously mentioned, a shawl can protect you from dust storms. Also, these scarves can provide light coverage on cool nights. Finally, some sort of head covering is required for women visiting a local mosque. The mosques can provide shawls or scarves for you if you forget one.


Sun gear is helpful to protect you from the relentless rays of the sun in the UAE. Sunglasses can also protect your eyes from dust storms. A sun hat provides essential protection for your scalp and face, and the wide brim extends sun protection to your shoulders.


Short sleeves are allowed in the UAE, but it is recommended to choose tops that cover your shoulders. Tank tops and shoulder-baring tops may be less appropriate in some situations, especially holy sites. Breezy long-sleeved linen tops are always a good bet.


As for bottoms, linen trousers are refreshing and have full coverage. Skirts and dresses are OK, as long as they extend past the knee. Midi lengths, which fall between the knee and ankle, and maxi lengths, which reach the floor, are both spectacular options.


Beat the heat in the UAE by taking a swim in one of the amazing pools and natural sources of water in the country. A one-piece swimsuit is best, but bikinis are not outlawed. Avoid thongs or see-through swimsuits and pack a cover-up for modesty and versatility while visiting.


  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Shawl/scarf
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Linen trousers
  • Long-sleeve linen tops
  • Shoulder-covering short sleeves
  • Midi or maxi skirts
  • Midi or maxi dresses
  • One-piece swimming suit
  • Swimsuit coverup
  • A special outfit for going out


Springtime provides a great time to visit the UAE. Be sure to remember modesty and the warm climate to maintain the utmost comfort while traveling in the Emirates. While traditional spring showers aren’t necessarily an issue, pack thoughtfully to prepare for a dust storm. 


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