The United Arab Emirates offers its visitors a travel experience unlike any other. 

In few other countries can you find skyscrapers and modern hotels looming over ancient mosques, medinas, and bazaars still frequented by locals. 


Many people choose to experience this country in different ways, but a question you may be asking yourself if you are planning a trip here is do you need a tour guide while traveling in the UAE?


The short answer to that question is no, a tour guide is not required for you to travel to the UAE or to enjoy your experience. 


But if you want to understand the Emirates’ traditions, culture, people, and history on a deeper level, you may want to travel with a local tour guide.


A tour guide, one experienced and raised in the Emirates’ unique lifestyle can reveal the deeper side of the United Arab Emirates to you. 


Tour Guides in Dubai

As one of the most populous cities in the Emirates, there is much to see in Dubai, and a tour guide can help you avoid being overwhelmed. 


Tour activities can accommodate almost every traveler and their interests. 


If you are interested in the country’s heritage and culture, a local with a deep sense of the meaning of each site will take you through the old parts of Dubai, such as al Fahidi, the museums, and the Spice Market. 


But if history and culture are not your interest, you can still find a tour guide to take you around. They can take you to the modern side of Dubai and show you its charms and panoramas in addition to its fantastic food scene. Other tours can even take you out for a day of experiencing the desert dunes on four-wheelers. 


In short, tour guides in Dubai can offer travelers a multitude of priceless experiences. 

Dubai, however, is not the only city or place in the UAE with a rich cultural heritage and a wealth of activities. 


Traveling with Tour Guides in Sharjah

While Dubai has a lot to offer, many other cities and Emirates offer tours that can show you the natural, cultural, and culinary wonders of the country through the eyes of a local. 


One site that is a must-visit is the Emirate and city of Sharjah, which many locals regard as a cultural hub that more accurately reflects the spirit of this country. Though it is only the third largest Emirate, Sharjah offers a veritable wealth of sightseeing and outdoor activities. 


Sharjah is only 30 km from Dubai and easy to get to by car. If you decide to stay here, a historical and cultural tour can show you the multiple facets of this city. 


Traveling with a tour guide in these other areas means you can not only see cultural wonders like Sharjah’s blue Souk and the old fort but engage in activities like jet ski riding and ATV riding. 

Once again, however, Sharjah is not alone as a city or region with tour guides who can offer visitors a unique, unforgettable travel experience. 


Travel With a Tour Guide to the Other Emirates 

Abu Dhabi itself has several tour guides who can customize your tour for you so you do not miss any of the activities or sites you came to the UAE to see. 


So, if you feel like you have to choose between the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Ferrari World, Qasr Al Watan, or Al Ain, surrender your worry and hire a tour guide so you can see all of them and understand them as someone from the country does. 


You can customize tours here either through local tour guides, or if your interests go beyond Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, you can hire a company and customize a tour for you or your group that includes all the places you want to see. 


Just say how many people are traveling, when you are traveling, and your budget and your tour guides will help you find out what you can see. 


With the help of these tour companies, who are also operated by locals, you can get outside the cities and get off the beaten path. 


By taking advantage of their knowledge, you can come face to face with the country’s culture, nature, and potential for adventure. 


Tour guides can help you reach Emirates like Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, and others.

If you travel with a tour guide, it will not only be easier to reach these places, but you will not regret using their expertise to get away from the crowds and go on a true adventure. 


Here in Ras Al Khaimah, we have much to offer in the way of natural wonders and adventure, such as the Jebel Hajar mountains and the world’s longest zipline. But we do not skimp on cultural delights either; Al Jazirah Al Hamra, the oldest village in all of the Emirates, calls Ras Al Khaimah home. 

Ajman is nothing to skip over either, as any tour guide worth their price will tell you. Ajman’s fishing villages still host an ancient way of life, and this Emirate’s beaches are some of the best in the entire country. 


Here your tour guide can take you to the ancient Red Fortress and the seaside in the same few hours – because Ajman is the country’s smallest yet mightiest Emirate!


Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman are only two of the country’s seven Emirates. So, there is a whole world to see here that a tour guide can assist you with.


Traveling with a Tour Guide in the UAE Conclusion

You may know it is not essential or required to travel with a tour guide in the United Arab Emirates. But we also hope you see how it may heighten your experience and how it will deepen your knowledge and appreciation of the UAE’s wonderful delights. 


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