Here’s all you need to know about hot air ballooning in Ras Al Khaimah, with the upcoming season’s flights, operated by the professional and experienced team at Actionflight, launching from September 23.

If you book in advance, Actionflight offers discounts on Early Bird bookings, so check out its website for deals on some ‘Amazing Air Adventures’ this autumn/winter.

Why jump in that basket?

There is simply no better way to experience Ras Al Khaimah’s spectacular landscape than by jumping on board a hot air balloon. Once you take flight, you will witness panoramic views of the emirate as far as the eye can see.

When should I go?

A hot air balloon ride is best experienced first thing in the morning when the sun emerges and illuminates the desert dunes in shades of reddish gold. Action Flights operates daily sunrise flights from various locations across the emirate so you can enjoy this breath-taking experience during your stay in Ras Al Khaimah.

What will I see?

Where you launch from and what you see depends on the wind conditions of the day. You may fly past dense mangroves, the vast desert and its winding wadis, over the breath-taking Hajar Mountains, or even out towards the Arabian Gulf coastline. Look out for the famous shipping passage, the Strait of Hormuz, and its eight islands as you sail gracefully, enjoying the tranquillity of being sky high. If you are staying on Marjan Island, Ras Al Khaimah’s premier lifestyle destination, you may even spot your hotel as you fly across this spectacular manmade archipelago. As you return to the dunes, look out for wildlife revelling in their natural habitat, from foxes, oryx and camels, to herds of wild donkeys.

It’s the full package

More than a flight, an air adventure with Action Flight also includes a fun off-road drive, a gourmet ‘bubbly’ breakfast at an authentic Bedouin-style majlis, and a birds-of-prey show where a falcon, hawk and an owl are the star attraction. All hot air ballooners receive a flight certificate signed by their pilot and for a professional keepsake, photo and video packages are available. Action Flight also provides return hotel transfers to its visitor centre at Tower Links Golf Course, where you’ll find a restaurant and licensed café.

Beyond the balloon

For an adrenaline-fuelled take on Ras Al Khaimah from the air, Action Flight offers a tandem skydive experience, accessible to everyone, even total beginners. Jump out of a light aircraft at 15,000 feet with an internationally certified instructor and enjoy the ride! Packages include photo and video coverage to prove you made the jump. If you still want more, try an aerobatic experience in aircraft described as the “Ferrari of the skies”. Highly experienced pilots will fly you through an amazing, awe-inspiring Aerobatic routine where you will experience staggering roll and climb rates at speeds up to 400kph and real face pulling G-Forces.

A day to remember

Ideal for celebrating a special occasion or for corporate events and team-building, Actionflight offers flights for individuals and small or large groups of up to 20 people per basket, which each flight running for 45-60 minutes, depending on the weather.

To book a hot air balloon ride or any other aerial experience with Actionfight, visit, click here, call +971 (0)58 550 9022, or email [email protected]

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