The United Arab Emirates attracts millions of visitors yearly; from vacations to work trips, there is something for everyone. One thing everyone has to do when they visit the UAE is to try out the food. The Emirates has numerous food trucks strategically located for quick and easy meals. 

Food trucks provide practical meals as you continue exploring everything Ras Al Khaimah offers. This article will showcase the must-try food trucks in UAE, but first, we will look at why food trucks are so popular.

Why Food Trucks Are Popular

It is no secret that the UAE has an abundance of food trucks. The culture lives and breathes excellent food. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Below are some of the reasons why they are popular:


Many people visit the United Arab Emirates for the shopping experience, which can be a tiring activity. Food trucks are a quick and easy way to get your energy up as you continue shopping. Some food trucks provide sitting areas; as you finish your meal, others walk while eating. 


The food is packaged well for people who would love to walk and eat, adding more context to them being extremely convenient.

Affordable Meals

The most common reason why people love food trucks is their price points. Some food trucks have meals and snacks that would cost double the price if you chose to eat at a restaurant. These mobile restaurants offer reasonably priced meals and do not shy away from large portions.

The quality of meals is also above standard, with many food trucks sourcing premium meat cuts and fresh fruits and vegetables. You are also likely to get a balanced diet, with every meal accompanied by a salad or a fruit.


Another common reason food trucks are beloved in the UAE is the variety of food they serve. Some trucks specialize in salads, others in sandwiches, and others in shawarma. However, food trucks do not have to be food-based; other trucks offer juices and smoothies. 

Your cravings will direct you to whichever specialty you feel like indulging in that day; food trucks in the UAE are well-suited. The chefs making the meals have mastered creating tasty meals that will have you returning for more.


We know the importance of clean food and a clean environment that creates food. A clean area is what most people look for when eating. Food truck employees practice the pure nature of handling food. The employees wear hair nets and serve food to you wearing gloves; most employees also have masks.

The food served in food trucks is halal and respects the cultures of those who choose to eat at mobile restaurants. Employees frequently clean counters, provide hand washing stations and wear gloves and masks. They know how sensitive food is, so they practice these procedures.

The Must Try Food Trucks in UAE

Now that we have looked at why food trucks are popular, the next part of the article will focus on the must-try food trucks in UAE.

Puro Express

If you love to eat with a view, Puro is the perfect food truck. The truck is situated at Jebel Vais Viewing Deck Park in Ras Al Khaimah, a raised area overlooking the mountains. After a hike up the mountains or a team-building expedition, the food truck is the perfect way to relax. 


Puro is the perfect place for some peaceful time with nature. The place has mastered creating snacks and pastries as you enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the Hajar mountain you just conquered. The food truck has a massive sitting area that can handle more than 250 people.


Syrup by Puro

The Syrup by Puro is another cute spot in Ras Al Khaimah that has caught the attention of many people. The truck offers out-of-the-box pastries full of color and life, just like the container itself. People love taking pictures and sharing their lives on social media. Syrup’s architects and marketing team ensured the food truck stood out with the famous container architecture. 


The syrup has become one of the most instagrammable places in Ras Al Khaimah, with the restaurant overlooking the beautiful Hajar Mountain range.

Origins Fast Food

Origins is a place for people who love fast food, like the classic Philly Cheese Steaks and burgers. It is situated on Marjan Island and offers a playful take on American fast food. It is the perfect place for indulging in comfort food and has an extensive menu of food and drinks.


It is a food truck that pays ode to classic eateries while still reinventing itself in the modern food context. Origins also has spectacular views of Marjan Island and the Arabian Gulf.

Find Salt

Find Salt is a branch of Salt located in Dubai, and just like its parent company, Find Salt is a popular eatery in Ras Al Khaimah that is popular for easy meals made from all freshly sourced ingredients and majorly creates fast food.

Al Areesh Food Truck

Al Areesh food truck specializes in Lebanese food with special delicacies of shawarma. Many Shawarma lovers have raved about the food truck in Abu Dhabi. It offers sitting areas for casual dining experiences.

Desert Chill

This is the food truck for all ice cream lovers. Desert Chill is the best way to cool down after a long day of walking in the scorching sun. It is loved by children and offers vegetarian-friendly treats as well. Desert Chill is located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Want to find out where they will be in your community? Check out their schedule.

Karak House

Karak House is your food truck if you are in the mood for a healthy meal, and it is famous for salads and breakfast meals. The food truck is the best way to start your day with a hearty breakfast before engaging in your adventure-packed day. The food truck is located in Dubai.


Food trucks are located all over the United Arab Emirates, offering something different to suit people’s palettes. When you travel to the UAE, visit one of the numerous food trucks closest to you.


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