The United Arab Emirates, an epitome of architectural brilliance, cultural richness, and luxurious lifestyles, has always been a favorite destination for travelers worldwide. 

As visitors explore the sprawling deserts, towering skyscrapers, and bustling souks of this Emirate, there’s always a need to find that perfect keepsake. 

A souvenir that captures the essence of their Arabian journey and unique to all the emirates from Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah. Souvenir shopping in the UAE is not just about buying; it’s about experiencing the region’s vast cultural tapestry and intricate heritage.

Traditional Arabic Attire and Accessories

One of the most authentic ways to remember your UAE journey is by bringing back traditional Arabic attire and accessories. 

These pieces are not just clothing items; they tell tales of the land’s history, culture, and evolution.


  • Abayas and Kanduras: These elegant, flowing robes are worn by women and men, respectively, across the UAE. Abayas, often adorned with intricate embroidery or beadwork, capture the essence of Emirati women’s elegance. Meanwhile, the Kandura, with its pristine white fabric, symbolizes Emirati men’s grace and stature.
  • Ghutras and Omani caps: Ghutras, the classic white or red-checked headscarves, are a staple for Emirati men. Paired with an Omani cap or ‘kumma,’ these accessories epitomize traditional Emirati fashion.
  • Henna-adorned handbags and sandals: Infusing traditional henna designs into modern accessories like handbags and sandals creates a blend of the old and new. These items are perfect for those looking to take a piece of UAE’s artistic heritage.

Exquisite Arabic Perfumes and Oud Fragrances

The aromatic allure of the Arabian Peninsula is encapsulated in its unique fragrances. 

The UAE, especially places like Ras Al Khaimah, offers many olfactory experiences, perfect for reminiscing about your journey.


  • Oud-based perfumes: Oud, a fragrant wood resin, forms the base for many luxury Arabic perfumes. Its deep, woody scent is captivating and lingering, making it a favorite among perfume enthusiasts.
  • Bakhoor incense: Used primarily in households and on special occasions, Bakhoor is woodchips soaked in fragrant oils. When burned, they release a rich, aromatic smoke quintessentially Middle Eastern.
  • Ittar (traditional Arabic perfumes): Stored in ornate glass bottles, Ittar is an oil-based perfume free from alcohol. With floral and musky fragrances, these tiny bottles pack in the essence of the Arabian Gulf.

Handcrafted Artisanal Items

The heart of the UAE’s culture beats in the hands of its artisans. Their crafts, honed over generations, bring out the essence of the region’s artistry and heritage.


  • Alabaster lamps and sculptures: Reflecting the grandeur of Arabian nights, alabaster lamps, with their intricate designs, cast mesmerizing patterns when lit. Similarly, statues made of this translucent stone stand as testaments to the artisanal prowess of the region.
  • Handwoven carpets and rugs: The Middle East is renowned for its carpets, and the UAE is no exception. Whether the intricate Persian designs or the simple Bedouin patterns, these carpets and rugs tell tales of times gone by.
  • Decorative Arabic calligraphy art: Arabic calligraphy is revered in the UAE. From verses of poetry to quotes from the Quran, calligraphic art pieces capture the soul of Arabic literature and spirituality.


The souvenirs you bring back from the UAE, especially those unique finds from Ras Al Khaimah, are more than just objects. They’re stories, memories, and fragments of ancient and modern culture. 


As you traverse the vast deserts, modern cities, and historic landmarks, these keepsakes serve as lasting reminders of a land that bridges the old with the new, tradition with innovation.

Dates and Date-Based Products

In the landscape of Emirati culture, one tree stands out not just for its fruit but for its deep-rooted significance – the date palm. Dates are more than just a staple in the Emirati diet; they symbolize the region’s history, hospitality, and prosperity. These delectable fruits have nourished Bedouins in the harsh desert climate for centuries and have become symbols of life and sustenance.


Premium UAE dates: Regarding gifting, few things are as cherished as a box of premium dates from the UAE. Plump, sweet, and often stuffed with almonds or coated in fine chocolate, these dates are a luxurious treat.


Date-filled sweets and chocolates: Taking the love for dates further, many local confectioners create dates filled with date paste, marrying traditional flavors with modern treats. From ma’amoul cookies to date-filled chocolates, these delicacies celebrate Emirati gastronomy.


Date syrup and preserves: Liquid gold for many, date syrup or ‘dibs’ is a natural sweetener, rich and molasses-like. On the other hand, date preserves are a delightful mix of chopped dates, nuts, and spices, perfect for spreading on toast or mixing into yogurt.

Camel-Related Souvenirs

Camels, often termed the ‘ships of the desert,’ are undeniably significant in the UAE’s cultural and historical landscape. They were vital to Bedouin tribes, offering transport, milk, and companionship. Today, their legacy is captured in various souvenirs visitors can take back from their Emirati journey.


Camel figurines and sculptures: Crafted from various materials ranging from brass to hand-painted ceramics, camel figurines encapsulate the majestic nature of these desert dwellers. They make for perfect mantelpiece items or desk ornaments.


Camel leather goods: Camel leather is known for its durability and unique texture and crafted into wallets, bags, and belts, showcasing the fine craftsmanship of local artisans.


Camel milk chocolates and skincare products: Venturing into the more unconventional, camel milk is now used to make creamy, delicious chocolates. It’s also a mainstay in several skincare products, touting benefits from its rich vitamin and mineral content.


The UAE, with its vast deserts, bustling cities, and tranquil oases, offers visitors a treasure trove of memories. Yet, what amplifies these memories are the tangible keepsakes you bring back. From the sweetness of dates to the artistic renditions of camels, every souvenir paints a portrait of the Emirate’s vibrant tapestry of cultures, traditions, and histories. 


Especially in Ras Al Khaimah, the soul of the Emirate comes alive in its bustling markets and artisanal shops. Each item tells a story, whether it’s a box of luxurious dates, a finely crafted camel figurine, or a vial of aromatic oud. 


A story of a land where tradition meets modernity, where every dune, alley, and souk has a tale to tell. So, as you depart from this magical land, let these souvenirs be a gateway, a reminder of when you walked the sands and streets of the UAE.


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