The UAE has some of the best beaches for surfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts, including Kite Beach in Dubai, the hidden gem, and equally stunning locations in Ras Al Khaimah.

Don’t know how to surf or kitesurf? No problem. Join a class to learn from experts and make friends with fellow enthusiasts. As these exhilarating water sports continue to gain traction in the United Arab Emirates, enthusiasts can expect to find an array of schools, tours, and safety tips explicitly tailored to their needs.

Before you begin, ensure you have the proper gear, including wetsuits, boards suitable for local conditions, harnesses for kitesurfers, and helmets if required by your school or rental shop.

Ideal Seasons and Timing for Surfing and Kitesurfing

While you can surf and kitesurf in the UAE throughout the year, certain seasons provide optimal conditions for these water sports. From October to May, the wind is more robust, creating suitable waves for surfing and excellent conditions for kitesurfing.

The waters are calmer during the summer, which may appeal to beginners or those looking for a relaxed experience.

The time of day can significantly affect your water sports adventure. Mornings typically offer calm conditions, ideal for beginners, while afternoons can bring stronger winds and bigger waves, catering to more experienced riders.

Surfboard and Kite Types to Consider

Different styles of surfing and kitesurfing require varying equipment types. For beginners in surfing, longboards are often recommended due to their stability and ease of riding. As you gain more experience, you might transition to a shortboard, which allows for quicker turns and more maneuverability.

For kitesurfing, there are different types of kites to consider, each offering unique benefits. For instance, inflatable kites are the most popular for their performance and safety features. They are versatile, easy to relaunch if they hit the water, and have good de-power abilities. Other types include foil kites and hybrid kites, and the choice depends on the rider’s skill level and the specific conditions on the day of riding.

  • Dubai’s beaches: Check out popular spots like Kite Beach and Sunset Beach.
  • Ras Al Khaimah: Explore the pristine shores along its coastline.
  • Schools & communities: Join a club to learn from experienced instructors and connect with like-minded individuals.

Surf and Kitesurf Schools and Tours in the UAE

Looking to ride the waves in Dubai or Ras Al Khaimah? Check out Kite Beach Center, Surf School UAE, and Kite N Surf Dubai for lessons catering to all skill levels.


For guided tours, try Xtreme Wake UAE for wakesurfing or SeaYou Kayak Tours in Ras Al Khaimah for a more relaxed water sports experience.


  • Kite Beach Center: Offers courses from beginner to advanced levels on one of Dubai’s most popular kiteboarding spots.
  • Surf School UAE: Perfect for beginners looking to catch their first wave with experienced instructors guiding you through each step.
  • Kite N Surf Dubai: Offers kitesurfing and stand-up paddleboarding lessons at various locations across the Emirate.

Community Events and Competitions

In addition to offering lessons and tours, many schools and clubs organize community events and competitions, providing surfers and kitesurfers with opportunities to showcase their skills and connect with the broader water sports community. 

These events often cater to various skill levels, from beginners to advanced riders, promoting a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition.

Famous events include the UAE SUP and Surf Championship held annually at Kite Beach, attracting participants from across the country and beyond. Such events often offer entertainment, food, and music, making them great for spectators as well.

Hiring or Buying Equipment

While many beginners start by renting equipment from schools or tour operators, as you progress in your surfing or kitesurfing journey, you might consider investing in your own gear. Having your own board or kite allows you to surf or kite whenever you want, without worrying about availability or rental costs.

When purchasing equipment, consider consulting with instructors or experienced surfers to choose the gear that best suits your skills, style, and the local conditions.

Remember to prioritize safety and follow local guidelines when planning your surfing or kitesurfing adventure in the UAE. Happy riding.

Safety Tips for Surfing and Kitesurfing in the UAE

 When surfing or kitesurfing in the United Arab Emirates, prioritize safety by checking weather conditions and water quality, wearing proper gear, surfing with a buddy, and knowing your limits.

  1. Check weather conditions and water quality: Check local weather forecasts and UAE meteorological websites before hitting Dubai’s Kite Beach or beaches in Ras Al Khaimah.
  2. Wear proper gear and equipment: Invest in high-quality wetsuits, helmets, life jackets, and other protective gear suitable for the Arabian Gulf waters.
  3. Surf/kitesurf with a buddy: Never surf alone; always have someone nearby to assist you if needed.
  4. Know your limits: Avoid venturing into areas beyond your skill level and take lessons from certified instructors at reputable schools before attempting advanced maneuvers or tackling larger waves.

Respect local customs when visiting public beaches within the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah and join local surfing communities to learn from experienced surfers.

Observe Surfing and Kitesurfing Etiquette

Part of ensuring a safe and enjoyable surfing or kitesurfing experience is observing the sport’s etiquette. Common rules include not dropping in on another surfer’s wave, not hogging waves, and prioritizing the safety of yourself and others. In kitesurfing, proper kite control, giving right of way, and not jumping close to the beach are some of the rules to follow.

In addition to these general guidelines, some local customs and rules may apply depending on the beach. Always respect these rules, including maintaining a clean environment by picking up any litter and respecting the rights of other beach-goers.

Emergency Services and Safety Measures

While the UAE boasts well-maintained beaches and water sports facilities, it’s essential to know what to do in an emergency. Familiarize yourself with the location of lifeguard stations and learn the essential emergency numbers in the UAE. Always ensure that someone knows your whereabouts, and in the event of a major incident, don’t hesitate to call for help.

Also, having a basic understanding of first aid, including CPR, can be a lifesaver in the event of an accident. Many surf and kitesurf schools offer safety courses that cover these crucial skills.


Surf and Kitesurf in UAE

Looking for an adventure on the water? Try surfing and kitesurfing in the United Arab Emirates, where you can catch some waves or fly through the air with your kite at beautiful beaches like Kite Beach in Dubai.

Remember to prioritize safety by following local guidelines, wearing appropriate gear, and checking weather conditions before heading out onto the water. If you need instruction, take lessons from one of the many schools and tours available throughout the country to learn about safety, technique, and equipment.

Remember to follow these tips on how to stay safe during your surfing or kitesurfing adventures in the United Arab Emirates so you can make unforgettable memories without any worries. Experience the thrill of Arabean beaches in the UAE today!

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