Are you looking to start some tennis lessons while in the UAE? Or maybe you want to test out your dormant skills with a friend. Whether you want private, dedicated lessons or simply a spot to get some regular playtime in, here are some of the best tennis clubs in the UAE.

Dubai Tennis Academy

The Dubai Tennis Academy is the top-rated tennis club in the UAE. They offer tennis clinics for adults and separate ones for ladies. The academy also has group lessons for minors, tennis events, and private lessons. 

The club was founded by Strath Sheriff to teach people how to play tennis. They offer world-class coaching and are serious about the sport. The academy has a good environment and competent coaches.

The facilities at Dubai Tennis Academy are exceptional and there is enough space for members. Of course, if you choose to have private lessons you will have even more space. 

The student-to-coach ratio is good and clients from around the world praise the coaches. Professionalism is observed at every level.

Dubai Tennis Academy is not cheap and you will pay quite a bit for the high-quality lessons and environment.

CF Tennis Academy

Another top-rated tennis academy is the CF Tennis Academy. It has remained one of the best tennis academies in the UAE for over two decades now. 

They offer private and semi-private lessons as well as group lessons. They also have comprehensive adult and junior tennis programs. For those who want a workout, they offer cardio tennis to get the heart rate up.

The CF Tennis Academy was established in 1997 in Dubai and has expanded to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Fujairah. They have a relaxed but professional environment, perfect for unwinding after school or work. 

The Academy maintains a good student-to-coach ratio and immaculate and spacious courts. Group lessons are quite affordable but private lessons are pricey.

Cap Sports Academy

Cap Sports Academy offers some of the best tennis lessons in Dubai. They have 12 years of experience in training and a dedicated staff.

They offer group lessons, a ladies’ morning class three days a week, and corporate evening batch and club nights. You can also take private lessons or choose semi-private ones. 

Cap Sports offer tennis coaching and training to both kids and adults. Their trainers are ITF certified and focused on helping you build the skill.


They offer structured programs to help improve strength, flexibility, speed, and hand-eye coordination. You’ll get to travel to different tennis centers in the UAE as a student of Cap Sports Academy.


Their tennis courts are professional and offer enough space to move around. Group and semi-private lessons are affordable while private lessons can be pricey.

Rackets Academy Tennis Coaching & Courts

If you are looking for a fully-fledged tennis club with all the perks, look no further than Rackets Academy Tennis Coaching & Courts. They have a well-structured and comprehensive curriculum to help you move to the next level in your tennis skill.


At RATCC, they offer training programs for all levels as well as tournaments to test out your skills. They have padel courts and training camps. Their specially designed sports facilities at the Motor City are exceptional.

The coach-to-student ratio is good and structured to help you move through the levels at your own pace. Rackets Academy facilities are spacious and clean.

Renting your court at Rackets is expensive. However, their group classes are reasonably priced.

Tennis 360

For a more relaxed environment, check out Tennis 360. They offer adult and kids tennis programs as well as beach tennis. 

Tennis 360 was established recently, in 2010, and they aim to help more people reach performance levels of tennis. They start you off with a thorough skills assessment to help place you at the right level.

The tennis programs at Tennis 360 are well-structured and offer great opportunities for advancement. Their facilities are very clean and they offer both indoor and outdoor courts.

You can sign up for classes or rent a court. You can also use their racquet stringing services to get an old racquet back in playing condition. 

The staff at Tennis 360 are courteous, friendly, and professional. The only con is their rigid schedules but you can work around them.

How Much Does A Tennis Club Cost In UAE

The membership fees for joining tennis clubs in the UAE will vary depending on location and season. However, you will spend around AED 100-300 as a walk-in client. 

Booking a court will cost you anywhere from AED 70 to AED 150 per hour. The cheapest private lessons cost AED 300 but you can spend up to AED 500 for one. Paying for tennis lessons in full will cost n=between AED 2000 and 3000. 

How To Choose The Best Tennis Club In UAE

When picking a tennis club in the UAE, here are some factors to consider:

  • Accessibility: Consistency in taking lessons will depend heavily on whether or not you can get to the classes easily. Picking a club closer to your residence will make more logistical and financial sense.
  • Services: Decide what services you are looking for in a tennis club. Also, be keen on testing out each club’s services for yourself. Find a tennis club that best suits your needs.
  • Customer Service: Interact with the staff at the tennis club. Are they professional and knowledgeable? Are they friendly and courteous? Do you feel like you could happily spend a significant portion of your day at the premises?
  • Facilities: Check out the facilities on the tennis club campus. Look through the bathrooms, tennis courts, restaurants, and entertainment centers. Ensure they are well maintained, clean, and meet your standards. Spacious courts tend to offer a better playing experience. You also want to note if the facilities are well-lit and organized.
  • Equipment: A tennis club should have essential equipment. If that is missing, you will not have a good experience. Check to ensure that the equipment is well-maintained and clean.

Wrapping Up

There are many tennis clubs available in the UAE. These five offer the best learning experience, and growth opportunities and have the most professional staff. Pick one and enjoy your time playing tennis and improving your skills. 

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