There’s nothing quite like packing up your car and hitting the road to embark on an adventure. You can blast your favorite songs, listen to an audiobook, or chat with friends until you reach your destination. 

Whether you’re traveling to Dubai for work, pleasure, or moving there, there’s so much to explore outside this stunning city. Sneaking time in for a quick or prolonged road trip needs to be on your to-do list, whatever the reason you’re in Dubai. If you’re unsure where to go, here are the seven best road trips to take from Dubai.

Ras Al-Khaimah

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of adventure and history, then you need to have Ras Al Khaimah on your life of road trips. It’s only 115 km from Dubai, making it the perfect day trip, but we think you’ll want to stay longer!

Ras Al-Khaimah is one of the most adventurous emirates because it features mountain and coastal landscapes. This city’s best things to do are:

  • Mountain activities in the Jais Adventure Park
  • Hiking
  • Water sports including paragliding
  • Exploring the rich history of the Emirate across its museums and historic sites


Some of the top things to do in Ras Al-Khaimah include visiting the Ras Al-Khaimah National Museum, the Saqr Park, and tackling one of the longest ziplines at Jebel Jais. 

Al Ain

Unlike other emirates in coastal areas from Dubai, Al Ain is more inland, and the drive there is an adventure on its own. The drive is 145 km away, so you can get there in less than two hours without traffic. 

This beautiful drive features mountains, natural springs, and plenty of greenery. Al Ain is the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the world’s oldest settlement that’s still inhabited. 

If you love hiking, then you’ll love hiking near Abu Dhabi’s tallest peak, Jebel Hafeet. You can even drive up it for spectacular views without the strenuous work. Other popular attractions in Al Ain include Wadi Adventure and the Al Ain Zoo. 


Hatta is roughly 135 km to the east of Dubai. This beautiful inland emirate has plenty of stunning mountain views, historical attractions, and the possibility of exciting adventures. When you need to escape the hustle and bustle of Dubai, Hatta is one of the best places because while there’s a lot to do, it’s much quieter.

This town is particularly appealing to those who love being outdoors. You can go hiking or take in the beautiful mountain views below. 

You’ll want to make time for other popular things if you’re road tripping to Hatta, like going on a mountain safari, kayaking in the beautiful blue waters, soaking in the Hatta Rock Pools, and seeing the Hatta Dam.


Fujairah is nearly a straight shot across the country to the east and just north of the Oman border. During the entire 121 km road trip, you’ll be mesmerized by all the beautiful scenery you’ll see on your way there. 

This option is one of the best road trips from Dubai that’s great for families, but all travelers can enjoy this place. One of the most popular things to do when you arrive is to spend the day lounging at the beaches.

Besides soaking up the sun at the beautiful beaches, other fun things to do here include seeing the Fujairah Fort, the Al Hayl Castle, and the beautiful Sheik Zayed Mosque. This option is a must-see area as the only emirate on the east coast.


Dibba is only a 143 km drive from Dubai and a great place to be simultaneously near the water and mountains. While you can experience this in many parts of the country, there are other reasons you should take some time to drive to Dibba. 

Dibba is one of the most relaxing destinations in the UAE, so when you need a break from the city, this is the place to be. It’s a fantastic area to post up at the beach for the entire day. You can lounge in the sun, swim, and participate in watersports at many beaches. 


Some other activities you’ll love here include visiting the public markets for good, public parks, and appreciating the beauty with a scenic drive. 


Liwa is one of the furthest road trips you can take from Dubai, but we promise it’s worth it. It’s about 333 km to Liwa, which is between three and four hours to the south. People go to this destination when they want to spend time in the desert. 


The city is filled with history, culture, and plenty of things for you to do, whether it’s for the day or a few days. People love visiting Liwa and attending the Liwa Date Festival because it has plenty of food, activities, and music. 

If you’re not in town for the festival, you can explore the several forts in town, the Sheik Hamad Auto Museum, and the town center. Riding camels through the dunes is a must and makes for some great photo opportunities for adventurous souls.


Last, we have Kalba, which is only 130 east of Dubai. This area is a quaint little fishing village that is filled with a lot of biodiversity. It’s the perfect road trip for those who love exploring nature and can appreciate its beauty. Remember to bring your camera along because you won’t want to miss capturing the views.


When you’re here, you can kayak through the oldest mangrove forest in the region, the Khor Kalba. Falconry is popular here, and you can experience this art form at the Kalba Bird of Prey Center. 

Whatever you do during your stay here, you need to check out the Bait Sheik Saeed Bin Hamad Al Qasimi. It’s a heritage house with beautiful Islamic artwork and collectibles. 

Final Thoughts

While Dubai is a great city that you can take days exploring, there’s so much more the UAE can offer. Whether you can only make time for one destination or are making it your goal to hit all seven, you won’t regret taking a road trip while visiting Dubai.


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