The United Arab Emirates is a beacon of luxury and innovation, celebrated for its breathtaking architecture and world-renowned tourist attractions. However, its contributions to the fashion industry, particularly in handbag design, are equally impressive. 


While Dubai and Abu Dhabi are often in the spotlight, the UAE’s fashion scene is rich and diverse, with hidden gems scattered across its Emirates. Among these, Ras Al Khaimah stands out with its unique approach to combining innovation with tradition. This Emirate, though less known, plays a crucial role in enriching the UAE’s fashion tapestry. 


As we delve into the world of top Emirati handbag designers, we uncover the rich craftsmanship and creativity that flourish across the UAE, hinting at the untold stories where tradition and modernity weave together seamlessly.

Nappa Dori

Nappa Dori is celebrated for its exquisite Indian sensibilities combined with contemporary design, material, and craftsmanship. It combines nostalgic Indian elements with modern aesthetics, appealing to local and international audiences. 


The brand’s offerings extend beyond handbags to include a range of leather goods, accessories, and home decor, emphasizing quality and artisanal craftsmanship. Nappa Dori’s story is a tribute to Indian tradition and modernity, making it a notable name in the landscape of Emirati handbag designers. 

Arash Leather

Arash Leather carves a distinctive niche in the Emirati fashion scene, focusing on camel leather products, embodying the spirit of innovation while honoring tradition. Established as a passionate hobby by its founder, Arash, the brand took a professional turn in 2016 in Dubai, recognizing the high demand for premium leather craft in the UAE. 


The brand’s product range is diverse, featuring bags, card holders, wallets, travel accessories, and bracelets, all designed from emblematic camel leather. This choice of material pays tribute to the cultural significance of camels in the UAE and offers durability and a unique aesthetic to their products. 


Among the trending items, the ZABEEL Satchel Bag and the HAMYAAN Men Clutch bag stand out for their blend of functionality and style, priced at 550 AED and 410 AED, respectively​​.


Native Dubai

Dubai is home to Native, a brand that offers a wide range of handbags, including vegan collections, evening bags, totes, and more. They prioritize sustainable practices and craftsmanship in their designs. 


The brand caters to both men and women, providing a variety of bags that fulfill functional needs while offering fashionable options. 


Their collection includes vegan handbags, displaying their commitment to ethical and eco-friendly fashion. The handbags are designed for various occasions, from elegant evening events to practical everyday use, catering to a diverse clientele looking for style and sustainability.

LaLa Queen

Despite its roots in Lebanese contemporary fashion, LaLa Queen stands out among Emirati handbag designers. 


Specializing in handcrafted handbags and accessories crafted from genuine leather, the brand is celebrated for its signature Dr. Bag collection, embodying its mission to infuse the fashion industry with healing and positivity​​.


Moreover, LaLa Queen’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their production processes. Each bag is made from locally sourced leather, naturally dyed, and packaged with 100% biodegradable materials. This eco-conscious approach aligns with the brand’s healing ethos in fashion and the broader sense of environmental stewardship​​.

NS by Noof

NS by Noof, founded by Noof Al Shekar in 2009, stands at the intersection of luxury and sustainability in the handbag industry. 


The brand’s commitment to luxury is evident in its high-end bags, a fusion of architecture and jewelry. Each bag is meticulously handcrafted around a frame of solid brass plate, available in 18-karat gold or platinum, and adorned with semi-precious stones, showcasing Al Shekar’s dedication to quality and unique design​​.


In a significant pivot towards sustainability, NS by Noof introduced a range of denim bags made from recycled ocean plastic, marking an extraordinary move away from traditional luxury materials to embrace environmental responsibility. 



L’AFSHAR, founded by Lilian Afshar, is a brand that stands out for its handcrafted, high-quality acrylic clutches and bags. These pieces begin as raw materials, akin to uncut gems, and are meticulously shaped, colored, and textured to catch the eye and spark the imagination. 


A significant portion of the production is done by hand, including construction, fitting, polishing, and finishing, with all bags featuring 24-karat electro-plated hardware. This attention to detail and quality showcases the brand’s dedication to crafting pieces that are not only beautiful but also sustainable. 

Nathalie Trad 

Nathalie Trad’s handbags are a testament to her innovative approach to design, often featuring a striking mix of geometric shapes and exotic materials. 


Her work redefines traditional accessory aesthetics, making each piece a bold statement. Trad’s designs often draw inspiration from the natural world and architectural forms, resulting in sophisticated and avant-garde accessories. Her handbags are not just functional items but art pieces that reflect intricate craftsmanship and an eye for detail. 


Marzook is a luxury fashion brand known for its glamorous and boundary-pushing designs, established by the creative sibling duo Fahad and Shouq Al-Marzook. Their journey into fashion and styling began with a passion for art and design, initially crafting pieces for their close circle before launching their maiden collection. 


Marzook’s designs challenge conventional fashion norms, offering unique and unorthodox yet utterly glamorous accessories. Inspired by surrealism, their collections feature handmade luxury art pieces that double as fashion statements, incorporating materials like precious metal, Plexiglas resin, premium leather, and Swarovski crystals​​​​.


The brand has garnered attention for its distinctive collections, such as “Pink Noise,” which reflect the global feminist movement and the digital era’s impact on identity and self-expression. 

Emirati Elegance Through Handbag Artistry

With its luxury and innovation, the UAE is not just about Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The handbag designers we’ve showcased illustrate the UAE’s vast talent and creativity in fashion. Especially noteworthy is Ras Al Khaimah, an Emirate making significant strides in contributing to the UAE’s fashion narrative. 


The UAE’s handbag designers, with their global appeal and local roots, showcase the country’s ability to blend tradition with modernity. It’s a potent reminder of the UAE’s evolving fashion landscape, promising a future where even more emirates play a pivotal role in defining global style trends, one handbag at a time.


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