Many people visit the United Arab Emirates to experience its luxurious restaurants, shopping malls, and hotels. But adventurous visitors also enjoy the many quad and ATV tours available here.


If you’ve ever wanted to explore the various deserts and dunes throughout the UAE, an ATV tour is a great place to start. Without further ado, let’s reveal the top quad and ATV tours in the UAE!

Yas Tours Quad Biking

Yas Tours offers some of the best desert safari options in Ras Al Khaimah. But they also offer family-friendly quad biking experiences that are perfect for anyone looking to take on some sandy hills with friends and loved ones.


If you’re looking for a personalized tour, the staff at Yas Tours is more than happy to accommodate your preferences. A day spent on a quad bike or buggy is even better when it’s followed by camel rides and a satisfying evening meal, so be sure to inquire about those options when booking.


You should also spend a little time learning about Ras Al Khaimah! After all, this Emirate has a lot to offer, from top-rated hotels to unforgettable experiences.



Price Range: AED 50+

Contact: +971502345803

Dream Journey Red Dune Desert Safari

You can make the most of your visit to the Lahbab Desert by booking a Dream Journey quad-bike tour. This tour last about two to three hours (not including transportation to and from the desert) and includes quad biking, camel rides, and sandboarding.


Water and two photo stops are included with the price of the tour, but you’ll need to select the quad option when booking to ensure you get the chance to ride out on the sand. 


Pick-up from Dubai City is included, but you can also schedule a pick-up from other areas throughout Dubai if that’s more convenient for you. Additionally, the tour guide is a fluent English speaker, so there’s no need to bring a translator along for the journey.


Considering what’s included with this tour, it’s a must-do for anyone looking to bash some dunes and enjoy a uniquely modern-yet-traditional UAE experience.



Price Range: AED 449

Contact: +97142959630

Desert Fun Tourism Evening Desert Safari With BBQ Dinner

Are you thinking of spending a day out in the Lahbab Desert? If so, consider booking a tour with Desert Fun Tourism. This company offers high-quality day and evening tours, both of which include 4×4 dune blasting, sandboarding, and delicious Arabic snacks and teas.


Of course, no trip to this red-sand desert would be complete without a little quad bike riding. And if you select this additional activity, you’ll be glad to know that Desert Fun Tourism includes all the safety gear you’ll need to take on the dunes.


You can also add a camel ride to your experience. Still, the real treat is the evening desert safari tour. When you select this package, you’ll be treated to a BBQ dinner (buffet style), multiple dance shows, and henna painting. 



Price Range: AED 450 to AED 480

Contact: +971555303011

OceanAir Travels Red Dunes by Quad Bike

This six-hour experience is chock-full of fun activities ranging from ATV rides through the red-dune Lahbab Desert to peaceful stargazing after a filling BBQ buffet dinner. 


In fact, the OceanAir Travels Red Dunes by Quad Bike tour is one of the most comprehensive options available, featuring included activities like:


  • Sandboarding
  • Sunset photo opportunities
  • Camel rides
  • Henna body painting
  • Photos with a live falcon
  • Desert camp visits


Those who opt for this tour will also enjoy plenty of refreshing beverages (water and soda) during their journey, as well as sweets, dates, and energizing coffee. The post-ride dinner is also a treat, accompanied by live shows and shisha pipe smoking.


You’ll also be able to dress in authentic Arabian attire while on this tour. Few other ATV and quad tours offer such a varied range of activities, so those looking for the ultimate Lahbab Desert experience will want to add this tour to their itinerary. 



Price Range: AED 349 to AED 437

Contact: +971554030943

ABC Tours Dubai Desert ATV Quad Self-Ride

Many ATV tours that run through the Lahbab Desert are relatively short, with some only lasting about two hours. If you’re looking for a longer, more in-depth experience, ABC Tours Dubai has you covered with their Duba Desert ATV Quad Self-Ride tour.


This tour offers visitors the chance to experience a Bedouin desert camp, bash some gold-colored dunes while riding in a comfortable 4×4 vehicle, and enjoy a little evening hookah smoking with friends and family. 


But peeling off along the dunes on a quad bike might be the highlight of this tour, as it’s an unforgettable way to experience the sands for yourself. Even better, hotel pick-up and drop-off services are included with the price of this tour, so there’s no need to hire an external transportation company.



Price Range: AED 250+

Contact: +97142942003

Excursion Point Tourism Quad Bike Safari with Desert Camp Dinner

One of the best aspects of the Excursion Point Tourism quad bike safari tour is that it’s almost entirely customizable. Whether you only have a few hours on your hands or are ready for an all-day adventure, Excursion Point Tourism has a tour option to suit your needs.


This tour provider also offers private tours ranging from straightforward one-hour desert quad-biking tours to more extravagant multi-hour excursions, including a BBQ dinner and live shows. You can even choose a VIP dinner option.



Price Range: AED 90 to AED 1400

Contact: +971569577707

Final Thoughts

There are several fantastic quad and ATV tours in the UAE, and many include additional fun activities like sandboarding or an authentic BBQ dinner at a desert camp. Several of these tours also offer hotel pick-up, making them a convenient choice for visitors.


If you’re eager to experience the thrill of an ATV or quad adventure while in the UAE, book one of these top-notch tours today!

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