The United Arab Emirates is a diverse and vibrant country, but how accessible is it for visitors with disabilities? With recent changes in accessibility laws and an increasing number of transportation, accommodation, attractions, and activities tailored to the needs of disabled travelers – UAE has become one of the most travel-friendly destinations for people with special needs.

In this blog post, we will explore all aspects related to travel accessibility for visitors with disabilities in UAE, from understanding relevant laws to discovering suitable transport options, accommodations, and attractions that cater specifically towards individuals who require additional support during their travels. 

So if you are considering visiting UAE while living with a disability – read on.

Accessibility Laws in UAE

The UAE or the Emirates has implemented regulations to guarantee that those with physical impairments can benefit from and partake in the attractions, activities, and services available throughout the country. The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority recently held an Accessible Tourism Summit Calls for Expanding Wheelchair Access at Dubai Airports, and this summit highlighted the importance of accessible tourism in the UAE.

Visitors Must Be Provided with Reasonable Accommodation and Assistance from Service Providers

Service providers must ensure that there is appropriate wheelchair access to their spaces, so individuals with mobility limitations can navigate without hindrance and securely.

Special Care for Visitors with Impairments and Disabilities

  • Appropriate support while traveling through airports or other public spaces.
  • Providing information about flight times or other relevant details via Braille signage or audio announcements where necessary.
  • Communication aids such as sign language interpreters may need to be employed if verbal communication isn’t possible due to language barriers between staff members and customers/visitors.

The Accessibility Laws in UAE provide a strong foundation for visitors with disabilities to ensure their rights are respected and upheld. It is essential to contemplate the different transportation choices accessible for people with disabilities when journeying in the UAE, as these Accessibility Laws provide a robust basis for protecting their rights.

Transportation Options for Visitors with Disabilities in UAE

Let’s look at some transportation options for visitors with disabilities in the UAE.

Public Transportation

In the UAE, disabled travelers have access to a variety of transportation options when heading out for sightseeing or shopping. Travel options are generally equipped with ramps or lifts for wheelchair users and audio announcements for visually impaired passengers, such as the following.

  • Buses,
  • Taxis, 
  • Metro systems, 
  • Trams, and 
  • Ferries 

Private Hire

Disabled passengers can also use private hire services such as Uber; however, these companies must comply with local regulations on accessibility requirements before they can operate within the UAE. These include providing adapted vehicles that are suitable for wheelchair users as well as offering assistance from staff members who understand disability etiquette.

Specialized Transportation Solution

For those requiring more specialized transportation solutions, several companies provide adapted vehicles specifically designed for wheelchair users. These cars come with lowered floors and extended door openings, enabling wheelchair users to get in and out of the car quickly. Some providers even offer modified vans which allow multiple wheelchairs to be transported at once – ideal if traveling in larger groups or families.

Accommodation Options for Visitors with Disabilities in UAE

Visitors with disabilities in UAE can discover a selection of lodgings to meet their needs, from hotels and resorts to adapted flats and villas. 

Hotels and resorts Provide Special Services

Visitors with impairments in the UAE can access various lodging choices that satisfy their particular requirements. Hotels and resorts nationwide offer accessible rooms and facilities, such as wheelchair ramps, lowered light switches, wider doorways, and accessible bathrooms. These accommodations also often feature adapted furniture for easy movement around the room. 

Adapted Apartments and Villas with a Plethora of Features

Adapted apartments and villas are other excellent choices for visitors with disabilities in the UAE. These dwellings have been specifically designed to make life easier, offering a plethora of features that include the following.

  • Widened doorways and hallways 
  • Grab bars near toilets
  • Level-entry showers 
  • Stairlifts 
  • Adjustable kitchen counters
  • Lowered light switches 
  • Handrails on stairs
  • Automatic doors with non-slip flooring throughout living areas and bathrooms
  • Visual fire alarms connected directly to reception desks or security personnel offices at night time hours

Specialized Care Centers

Specialized care centers can provide an ideal solution for those requiring extra assistance during their stay in the UAE. Such centers offer 24/7 support from trained medical professionals who can help guests manage any health issues they may encounter while traveling in the country, from managing medications to providing physical therapy treatments if needed.

In addition to medical staff onsite, these care centers typically have experienced caregivers available who can assist guests with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing or eating meals according to individual needs.

Attractions and Activities Suitable for Visitors with Disabilities in UAE

Emirates offers a variety of attractions and activities suitable for visitors with disabilities. There’s something for everyone, from museums, parks, zoos, shopping malls, markets, adventure sports, and outdoor activities.

Museums, Parks, and Zoos

Emirates is home to some of the world’s most renowned museums, such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi and Al Ain National Museum. Additionally, the country boasts several accessible parks like Dubai Miracle Garden or Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi, where visitors can enjoy beautiful gardens without worrying about accessibility issues. Animal lovers will be delighted by the many accessible zoos in the country, such as Sharjah Breeding Centre for Endangered Arabian Wildlife or Dubai Zoo.

Shopping Malls and Markets

Those looking to shop while visiting the UAE won’t be disappointed. Shopping malls across the Emirates are equipped with wheelchair ramps so all customers can access their stores quickly regardless of disability status. Plenty of traditional souks (markets) throughout major cities offer various goods, from local handicrafts to souvenirs, at discounted prices.

Adventure Sports & Outdoor Activities

Adventure seekers will find plenty of options for extreme sports such as sky diving or bungee jumping; however, these may not always be suitable for people with disabilities due to safety concerns. 

Nevertheless, plenty of other exciting activities are on offer, including camel riding tours around desert dunes or boat trips along mangrove forests, which are much more suited towards those with physical limitations.

Benefits of Traveling to UAE as a Visitor with a Disability

Exploring the UAE as a disabled visitor can be incredibly satisfying, thanks to the multiple available advantages. In the Emirates, people with physical impairments are not viewed as outsiders but are embraced and integrated into society.

For starters, there are financial incentives available for disabled tourists through discounts on certain services and attractions. This could include discounted fares on public transport or reduced entrance fees at museums and parks.

Emirates offers many accessible experiences for those with mobility issues or other disabilities, ensuring an enjoyable and hassle-free trip. From shopping malls and markets providing wheelchair access and adapted rooms at hotels and resorts to specialized care centers designed specifically for visitors with disabilities – all these options make traveling easier for everyone involved. 

Many famous attractions in Ras Al Khaimah, the largest city in the Emirates, such as zoos, parks and adventure sports activities, offer special provisions for disabled visitors to enjoy their experience just like anyone else.


The accessibility laws, transportation options, accommodation choices and attractions available make it easy for visitors of all abilities to explore this amazing country. With proper planning and research into travel accessibility for visitors with disabilities in the UAE, you can enjoy your time there knowing that you can access everything necessary for a safe and enjoyable trip.

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