Gamers never take a break, and that’s true for gamers in the UAE. There are great places to take your gaming experience to a whole new level. In Dubai, there are tons of gaming centers for kids and adults. Whether you’re looking for virtual reality experiences or you want to immerse yourself in retro classics, the following are UAE’s best gaming centers and arcades.

Play DXB

Virtual reality (VR) games are the next big thing in the gaming industry. For the best VR gaming experience in Dubai, visit Play DXB, formerly known as VR Park, situated in the Dubai Mall. The gaming center is loaded with thrilling fun for kids and adults.

There’s space for everyone since the gaming center is spread over two floors. Once you have your virtual reality headset with you, expect to be transported to an alien world. If virtual reality isn’t your thing, there are numerous classic arcade games at Play DXB.


Wavehouse in Dubai at Atlantis The Palm is a great place to be for fun, food, and family entertainment. There are plenty of things to do here to ensure the entire family is busy having fun. You can visit the bowling alley with your friends and take your kids to the soft play area.

The highlight of Wavehouse is LEVELS, a gaming area with tons of retro arcade machines and rides. You can compete with your friends in the Xbox area as you play your favorite console games.

Brass Monkey

When you’re in the Emirates, you should visit Bluewaters Island, where you can find Brass Monkey. This is a one-stop venue for the best old-school and modern games. It’s a great place to have fun since you can be sure to find a gaming experience that surpasses your expectations. 


If you’re into old-school games, there are over 60 games like Pac-Man you can play at Brass Monkey. You can use your Play Pass Card here from AED100. The good news is that your credits don’t expire. You can use your balance credits on your next visit. 


There’s no better place to enjoy virtual reality games in Dubai than Dreamscape. It’s the place to be if you’re out for a thrilling adventure. The entertainment center brings to life the Hollywood characters you might have seen in your favorite films. 


Through these adventures, you will cross paths with alien creatures, including those that have been extinct. You can tour the Alien Zoo, plunge into the Blu Deep Rescue, or find lost treasure in the Curse of the Lost Pearl. Dreamscape presents you with an opportunity to step into the movies and be part of the adventure.

Ras Al Khaimah Track

In for some racing activity? Ras Al Khaimah Track is one of the best karting circuits in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. It’s the perfect spot where the whole family can enjoy themselves on these rides. Whether you’re looking to race professionally or you’re merely doing it for fun, Ras Al Khaimah Track is the place to be.

Que Club

Que Club is another great place for a competitive environment. You can host a tournament with your friends and family. Here, you can play snooker and billiards. If you’re confident enough, you can book a match in the VIP Gaming Room, where the gaming center has some of the world’s best players for games like League of Legends and Dota 2.

iFly Dubai

If you’ve dreamt of flying since you were young, then iFly Dubai will make your dreams come true. The gaming center uses state-of-the-art technologies to give you a unique flying experience. The virtual reality experience here is on another level. You can skydive from a plane and enjoy the thrill all the way down. 

Everything is simulated and works like in the real world. Real instructors will guide you on how to position your body to help control how you fly through the tunnels. It’s an adventure of its kind that you shouldn’t miss to try out.

Arena Games

Forget about watching thriller movies featuring killer robots and zombies. At Arena Games, you can immerse yourself in these virtual worlds. The virtual reality games here are suitable for casual and veteran gamers. There are up to 15 games to try out with popular ones, including Singularity, Engineerium, and Far Cry VR. The best way to enjoy these games is to take your group of friends.

Xstrike UAE

Xstrike is the right destination where you will unless the inner warrior in you. It’s a wonderful place with plenty of indoor gaming activities. Players of all ages can get busy with games here. If you’re up for some real combat experience that utilizes cutting-edge technology, Xstrike won’t disappoint you. You can battle out with your friends in a riveting affair like never before.

Dream Aero

Dream Aero provides players with a real flight simulator experience. You can take off and land your plane just like in the real world. While flying, you can use the opportunity to tour your favorite destinations. If you’ve been thinking about testing yourself in the cockpit, Dream Aero in Dubai Festival City should be your first stopover.

Xtreme Laser Tag

If you’re planning to hang out with friends and family, Xtreme Laser Tag is a gaming center with a high-tech twist. Your gang can enjoy themselves in a game of tag where points are awarded when you zap another player. You also lose points when you’re zapped. When the game ends, scores are displayed on the score sheet.


There are various game types to play here. You can choose to play in teams or play individual solo tag battle games. It’s a highly competitive game that will entertain the entire family.


UAE offers some of the best gaming centers and arcades in the world. Most of these centers employ ultra-modern technology to provide a remarkable gaming experience. The destinations featured in this guide are highly recommended. You can try them out while on your visit to the UAE.

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