While the United Arab Emirates is typically known for its glitzy shopping malls, towering skyscrapers, and sun-drenched beaches, an altogether different and more serene side is waiting to be discovered. Many might not associate the UAE with family-friendly hiking trails, yet this diverse nation offers many opportunities for those willing to swap their flip-flops for hiking boots.

From October to March, the cooler months present the perfect opportunity for families to step off the beaten path and delve into the nation’s natural beauty. The key to a successful expedition is to rise and shine early to avoid the midday sun – even in winter, and temperatures can hover around 22 degrees Celsius.

So, dust off those walking shoes, pack plenty of water and join us as we explore the top family hikes across the UAE.


Al Rabi Tower 

The scenic journey to Al Rabi Tower, one of our preferred trails, begins with a climb up a grand stairway. The trail then winds down to the right and carries on left, guiding you through spectacular, rugged landscapes. Your family, even young ones aged five and up, will enjoy the two-hour journey, enhanced by the thrill of discovery and nature’s beauty.



The archaeological site of Mleiha in Sharjah, a mere hour’s drive from Dubai, hosts a museum, a delightful café, and several fascinating Wadi caves. A series of boardwalks and simple paths lead to these caves, revealing how Bedouins once lived. This hike offers a unique chance to explore UAE’s past and makes an easy, fun family adventure.


Jebel Jais 

The lofty peak of Jebel Jais, situated in Ras Al Khaimah, offers unrivaled views of the Hajar mountain range from its highest point. This magnificent trail, winding from a children’s park at the base, is broad and secure, culminating at the stunning UAE flag after a brief boulder scramble. For a fun-filled weekend, consider pairing this hike with a staycation at one of the many fantastic local resorts.

Shees Nature Trail 

A short, easy trail in the Emirate of Sharjah, Shees Nature Trail is surrounded by trees and greenery. Though brief, this unique UAE hiking experience takes you through an old farming village with a babbling waterway alongside the path. Perfect for families with young children.


Nad Al Sheba Forest Trail

If you’re looking for a gentle stroll in Dubai, the Nad Al Sheba Forest Trail provides a lovely lane of growing trees, perfect for a family picnic or a leisurely kickabout with a football. Consider combining this trip with another nearby attraction to make the most of your day.



As the sun dips beyond the horizon, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink, another memorable day of exploring the UAE’s hiking trails ends. There are so many hidden walking and scenic hikes waiting for your family to discover. Add these nature walks in Ras Al Khaimah to your travel itinerary. These trails are a testament to the surprising diversity of this desert nation, offering adventures that go far beyond the glitz of its skyscrapers. Embarking on these hikes with your family will create lasting memories, deepening your bond with each other and the nature around you. Lace-up your boots, fill up your water bottles, and let the spirit of adventure guide your footsteps. After all, every trial leads to a new tale. Happy hiking!

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