From extreme survival skills courses to mountain cabin stays, edgy team-building experiences to host of exciting activities including abseiling, rock climbing, hiking, archery and more, the Bear Grylls Explorers Camp promises the adventure of a lifetime.

Developed by the UK’s world-famous adventurer and survival expert, Bear Grylls, a team of highly trained experts put explorers through their paces in the great outdoors at this one-of-a-kind camp, which is set to reopen for the busy autumn/winter season very soon.

Ideal for all types of adventurers, including solo travellers, couples, families, friends and corporate groups, a visit or stay at the camp, located on Jebel Jais, the UAE’s highest peak, is guaranteed to thrill and will be etched in your memory forever.

Here are some camp highlights not to be missed:

Survival courses

Based on Bear’s survival experiences, his dynamic methods and techniques, the camp’s survival courses offer something for everyone, from the fast-paced four-hour Essential Survival Course where you will get a sound understanding of the skills Bear uses to stay safe in the wild, to an intense Primal Survival Course where you will learn practical life-saving skills and attitudes such as resourcefulness and remaining calm under pressure. For bravehearted families, the Family Primal Survival Course is a 24-hour outdoor adventure that will forge close bonds.

Popular for team-building exercises, these courses teach you how to handle the most extreme conditions. You will practice navigation techniques, how to apply remote medical trauma treatment, generate a fire from scratch and even build a shelter in the wilds. When you return, there’s the option to stay overnight in one of the camp’s comfortable cabins for a well-earned rest and a reflection on what you have achieved.

The cabins

For a back-to-nature experience, the cabins at the Bear Grylls Explorer Camp, nestled among the rugged mountain landscape will expose you to the great outdoors, but in a cosy environment with modern conveniences and crucially, a bathroom and a bed! You will find all you need for a comfortable stay, including a BBQ set so you can cook your own dinner, with a camp shop stocking any extra supplies you need. A security team and trained first aider are on hand 24-7 to give you peace of mind during your stay.


The camp is a great base to try a range of exhilarating mountain activities, including:

Jais Ropes Course: located at the camp, get your adrenaline pumping on this new obstacle maze 10 metres above the ground and suitable for all ages.

Abseiling and climbing: Jebel Jais offers a range of exciting climbing and abseiling routes to suit all abilities, from beginners to professionals, so why not have a go?

Hiking: don’t miss the opportunity to explore the UAE’s highest peak, with the choice of six trails covering the diverse mountain ecosystem.

Archery: with no heights involved and no age limits either, pick up that bow and stare-down your target, learning a new skill and building your confidence.

Corporate events

Learn teamwork and leadership skills in a thrilling outdoor environment with the mountains as your backdrop. Combine survival courses with any of the activities the camp offers to create a team-building experience to suit your needs. Fun, challenging and designed to develop communication, motivation, trust, integrity and much more, a corporate event at the Bear Grylls Camp could change your life, professionally and personally.


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