The UAE, or United Arab Emirates, is a terrific travel destination for anyone who wants to explore the world and enjoy warm weather. While many individuals travel by themselves or with a small group of friends, many travelers have families they want to bring with them.

Fortunately, the UAE hosts plenty of safe spaces for children of young ages to enjoy. While there are plenty of locations to bring children, here are the best indoor play areas in the UAE.

What Is the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is a country located in the Middle East on the very western end of Asia. The UAE is a place full of scenic landscapes, warm weather, and fun things to do for all types of travelers.

Best UAE Indoor Play Areas

Many travelers hesitate to go to specific locales because they have a family with small children and are unsure if there will be things for kids to enjoy. Fortunately, the UAE provides a bevy of indoor play areas, and the best indoor play areas in UAE are discussed below.


Kidzania is one of the biggest and most popular indoor playgrounds for kids. The play area is a replica of a real city packed with opportunities for role-playing to learn about jobs, money and experiences in the real world. Kids can pretend to be a doctor helping heal ill-patients or a firefighter helping in emergencies. 

Babies up to a year old are free but there are varying entry prices for children 2 years old to 16 years old. Kidzania can also be booked for birthday parties and school visits. Be sure to check out the official website as you plan your visit. There are promotions and special events that occur routinely.


Tridom is an indoor play area located in Ras Al Khaimah. Tridom hosts a bevy of indoor play place features such as a jungle gym play zone, an amusement park with rides, and a ball pit. 

This colossal attraction is a one-stop shop for all kids’ activities and novelty. Children of young ages will be occupied for hours upon visiting the giant structures and the bevy of different things to do at the Tridom play zone. 

On top of the Tridom located in Ras Al Khaimah, there is another location called the Fun Ville inside the Al Hamra Mall. 

Travelers coming to the UAE with any number of young children should try to visit the Tridom play place, as it is the premiere location for children’s activities.

Children’s City

Children’s City in Dubai is a building similar to a museum dedicated to educating children about STEM and adjacent scientific programs. This location provides a range of exhibits focusing on a mixture of science, the human body, nature, and some of the local culture.

Children’s city is a great place to introduce children to the idea of a museum, as it has a lot of hands-on learning that compensates for a child’s smaller attention span. This location features a planetarium and an Earth science gallery where kids can learn about different aspects of science in a fun way.

This locale is a must-stop for individuals who love learning and are looking to keep a vacation on the educational side for their children.

Fun City

This location is quite similar to the Tridom discussed above. Fun City is another indoor play place chocked full of activities for kids. Fun City has an indoor arcade, jungle gym, and a handful of small amusement park rides.

This location is excellent for those who have small children who enjoy electronics and gaming. The play place specializes in group package deals and can host birthday parties.

Vacation-goers should stop by Fun City if they desire fun and energetic ways to occupy their children. This locale will give kids an opportunity to let their energy out.

Dig It

Dig It in Dubai is a construction-themed education center. Children interested in construction or who have shown interest in skilled trades media such as Handy Mandy or Bob The Builder should look into this attraction.

The Dig It building is a play environment open for small children ages 3 to 10. Children will be exposed to the construction process. They can play with construction-themed toys such as a sandbox and remote control truck and even try out a full-size digger with supervision. 

On top of the play area, this Dig It location hosts many educational 30-minute workshops. These workshops will walk children through the various challenges that go into construction In ways they can relate to and understand. Children have an opportunity to do tasks such as building towers of blocks, crafting sand sculptures, and even creating slime.

As Dubai is considered by many to be a construction centerpiece of the globe, it makes sense that it would have a construction-themed play place for children, such as Dig It.

Little World Discovery

Little World Discovery in Abu Dhabi is a terrific kids’ play area. This building hosts an impressive nine different areas for kids to play in, each with its flare and offering to the kids.

Little World Discovery specializes in letting kids run around small town areas to exercise their imagination and pretend with each other. The mixture of indoor and outdoor regions ensures little ones won’t get bored, as there is something for everyone.

This location is educational and intends to teach kids about different activities of the world. It is so fun that many parents have claimed their kids did not realize they were learning anything as they visited. This is an ideal locale to take kids on a vacation if they need learning activities. 


Caboodle is another indoor play place in Abu Dhabi that rests in a cute, colorful venue. This location serves multiple purposes for stimulating children’s imaginations and educating them.

Parents are free to bring their kids to play and learn or drop them off for 30 minutes to 2 hours if they plan. Children dropped off at caboodle will be supervised by a worker there specializing in babysitting and one-on-one supervision.

On top of its fun play area, Kaboodle stands out because it features a cafe full of healthy food, a kids’ salon, and even a variety of craft activities. These crafts will keep kids occupied and flex their imagination, just like the musical-themed singalongs the location hosts. 

On top of their many other services, Kaboodle also features a pool that offers swim lessons to babies at select times.

Kaboodle is a premier one-stop-shop that offers many activities for kids. It is a terrific place for kids to have fun and stands out with its individually supervised playtime.

In Conclusion

Overall, the UAE is a great place to be and features a variety of indoor play places for children. The best indoor play areas in UAE stand out amongst the crowd because they are all premium locations with unique activities where kids will make memories that last a lifetime.


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