Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority (RAKTDA) has been successfully putting the destination on the world-map encouraging travellers from near and far to explore the inimitable collection of activities in the mountains, desert and on the shores of the Arabian Gulf. The influx of outward-bounds enthusiasts has led Hajar Mountain Adventures to create a comprehensive range of certified courses for budding guides and instructors. RAKTDA encourages the utmost in safety and will only permit registered and qualified guides to lead tours through the jagged peaks of the Jebel Jais mountains. If you fancy a career change or are passionate about teaching others, this guide will walk you through the available RAKTDA-certified courses.

You’ll soon be able to offer extraordinary hiking, climbing and abseiling experiences as you weave your way along time-worn paths past some of the oldest settlements in the region, through moonscape wadis or abseiling millennia-old peaks.

Hiking Trail Tour Guide 

The level one hiking trail guide course is aimed at passionate hikers with no previous experience leading groups through mountainous terrains. The course will teach you how to plan, organise and guide a group along predetermined trails and encourage you to deliver informative information about the history, terrain, culture and the indigenous flora and fauna in the impressive Hajar Mountain range. The practical tuition will get you out and about along the various trails, where you’ll learn about the importance of accurate navigation, risk assessment and how to deal with hazards and emergencies.

The course runs over four days; consecutive days, Monday to Thursday or two weekends on Saturday and Sunday, AED 2,500.

Hiking Trail Tour Guidehttps://www.hajarmountainadventures.ae/hiking-trial-tour-guide

Wadi Leader Course 

The wadi leader level two course allows you to explore the Ras Al Khaimah lowland hill terrain and wadis scrambling up to 600 meters above sea level. The skills-based course builds on the previous experience gained during tour guiding in the mountains. You’ll learn how to progressively use maps, compasses and other navigational aids and hone your leadership skills when working with individual and group hikers. You will also learn fundamental rope work skills for crossing steep hiking sections.

The course runs over four days; consecutive days, Monday to Thursday or over two weekends, on Saturday and Sunday, AED 4,000.

Wadi Leader Course, https://www.hajarmountainadventures.ae/lowland-hill-and-wadi-leader-training

Mountain Leader Training Course

Instructors will encourage, lead and coach you across terrains over 600 metres above sea level. The course covers all aspects of leadership and decision making, map work, compass use, navigational aids, expeditions, camp craft, safety considerations, route planning, risk assessments and emergency procedures. The level three course is for experienced hikers and those with the lowland hill and wadi leader certifications. Upon completion and passing the assessment, the mountain leader training course will allow you to lead solo and group hikers into the mountains for single-day, overnight, and multi-day trips.

After completing the intensive training course, the leaders are required to spend time consolidating their skills and techniques learned in the course. After 10 evidenced hikes, candidates will undergo an intensive four-day assessment to test their navigation, leadership and decision-making skills in various conditions, including night navigation and dealing with incidents and accidents.

The course runs over five consecutive days, Monday to Friday or over two weekends, including four online sessions and four days of practical training, AED 7,500.

Mountain Leader Training Course, https://www.hajarmountainadventures.ae/mountain-leader-training

Single Pitch Rock Climbing and Abseil Leader Training

The next level course is ideal if you want to take groups on climbing and abseiling activities within the Hajar mountain range. The practical course covers a range of skills, including the technical competencies required to keep leaders and climbing participants safe and mastering professional leadership to ensure the safety of groups. Health and safety considerations and fundamental decision-making skills are essential when performing climber or abseiling rescues. Leaders will understand the necessary systematic teaching and coaching skills required to develop and improve group classes. They will also learn to understand the climbing environment. The course is the prerequisite for the single pitch rock climbing and abseiling leader assessments.

The course comprises four training days and four assessments, AED7,500.

Single Pitch Rock Climbing and Abseil Leader Training, https://www.hajarmountainadventures.ae/single-pitch-rock-climbing-and-abseil-leader-training

Dry Canyoneering Leader Training

This intensive course is for experienced climbing and abseil leaders with exceptional navigational skills. Once qualified, you’ll be able to lead individuals and groups on multi-abseil descents within the Hajar mountains. You’ll learn how to operate in remote locations where rescue operations might not be possible. The demanding course includes logistics, safety, pre-trip preparations, client briefings, navigation, rope work, anchors and rigging, abseiling, and rescue scenarios. There are various online sessions and practical training before the final qualifying assessments, AED 7,500.

Dry Canyoneering Leader Training, https://www.hajarmountainadventures.ae/dry-canyoneering-leader-training

Fast Track Instructor Course

If you are seeking an exciting career in the mountains, Hajar Mountain Adventures has a thrilling, fast-track instructor training programme that allows you to develop clear coaching and instructional skills with full support from your instructor and mentor. You can learn various techniques across the various terrains Ras Al Khaimah can offer visitors, such as the mountains and desert. The intensive fast track instructor course runs over four months. You’ll receive one-to-one mentoring sessions and work with various groups and individuals, allowing you the opportunity to develop your skills and confidence. The course covers hiking, climbing, canyoneering and mountaineering, AED 40,000.

Fast Track Instructor Course, https://www.hajarmountainadventures.ae/fast-track-instructor-course

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