Ras Al Khaimah is world-famed for its glorious golden beaches interspersed with luxury eco-resorts, creeks and mangroves. Hidden by towering dunes, Flamingo Beach is a favourite hangout for sun worshippers, beachgoers, nature lovers, and water sports enthusiasts. The warm waters and shallow shores make it the ideal beach for families and friends.

Ras Al Khaimah is synonymous with its abundance of nature and wildlife. The Greater Flamingo, Fanteer (Arabic) or Phoenicopterus Roseus (scientific) is a colourful resident of the mangroves in Mina Al Arab, which is only a stone’s throw from this namesake beach.

The long-legged bird is the largest in this genus. The flamingoes wade through the shallow, salty waters of the Arabian Gulf, living and feeding in large groups with their comical upside-down heads. Their curved beaks are known as bills; and filter colourful algae and brine shrimps for food, resulting in their powder pink plumage. You’ll recognise their unusual chatter; they make loud, honking sounds to communicate with their partner and little grey chick flamingoes.


Two giant flamingoes welcome you to Flamingo Beach, which lies serenely between Ras Al Khaimah city centre and Al Hamra Village. The public beach is easily accessible and hidden by towering dunes dotted only with palm trees.

The beach is on the west coast of the United Arab Emirates. It is best appreciated at sunset when the sun disappears over the Gulf, leaving nothing but vibrant colours in its wake. The beach is ideal for families; the shallow shores and lack of currents make the warm waters the perfect place to play games, learn to swim or just relax and while away a weekend. A floodlit beach volleyball court is a fun sport to master with friends and your family.


The beach is easy to walk along with a maze of interlocked walkways that lead to various select seating areas. The walkways allow for the easy maneuverability of prams, walking aids and wheelchairs giving access to multi-generational families and people with disabilities who wish to enjoy the beautiful beach facilities and spectacular scenery. Visitors should keep their eyes open for lazy camels that wander down to the shores to bathe in the waters of the Gulf. It is a spectacle to see.

Ample car parking is available on site. There is a hub of trendy coffee shops and tasty eateries for breakfast, lunch and early suppers. Flamingo Beach is just off the Clock roundabout that leads from the main highway to Ras Al Khaimah City and Al Hamra.

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