Budding photographers have plenty of opportunities to snap away in Ras Al Khaimah, thanks to its diverse landscape, historic monuments and many visually striking attractions.

So, grab your phone or your camera and head to the following hotspots to capture stunning photographs that will wow your friends and family and bump up your followers on socials.


Jais Viewing Deck Park

The UAE’s tallest mountain, Jebel Jais, offers photo opportunities galore, but one of the best sites to park up and snap the breath-taking views is the Jais Viewing Deck Park, located 1,250 metres above sea level, just shy of the summit.

Capture the juxtaposition of the bright-blue cloudless sky and the rocky brown mountain-scape and then take a quirky shot of the UAE’s highest cash machine, courtesy of RAK Bank.

Head to the site just before 17.30 year-round to photograph the spectacular sunset, and if your camera or skills allow it, stay a little longer to witness the star constellations lighting up the Ras Al Khaimah sky.


1484 by Puro

Another Jebel Jais photography hotspot is at mountain-top restaurant 1484 by Puro, named after its exact height – 1,484 metres above the Arabian Gulf.

Definitely worth a selfie or two, or even better, a bragging shot with friends and family, you can dine or take afternoon tea on the alfresco terrace with the rugged mountainscape as your spectacular backdrop.

Zoom in and you might just capture the thrilled smiles on the faces of those riding Jais Sledder, the region’s longest toboggan located opposite the restaurant that snakes for 1,840 metres around the Hajar Mountains at speeds of up to 40kph.


Dhayah Fort

The golden-walled Dhayah Fort, which stands 70 metres high in a date-palm oasis, presents so many photo opportunities that it’s hard to know where to start, so here are our top tips.

On approach to this historic monument – the only remaining hill fort in the UAE – take shots of its majestic castle-like structure in its entirety, defined by its twin peaks and yellow bricks. Then, climb the 239 zig-zagging steps to the top to witness the remarkable 360-degree views of arid mountains, palm trees and even neighbouring Oman.

Take in the detail of its architecture and immortalise on film (or digitally, of course) the site where the game-changing 1819 battle between British troops and local Qawasim tribes took place.


Bassata Desert Village

To capture the real essence of Ras Al Khaimah, head to the desert where its signature terracotta dunes with their peaks, troughs and dramatic shadows will not disappoint.

Base yourself at Bassata Bedouin Camp and Desert Village, a protected enclave where you will spot – and can snap – indigenous animals such as wild camels, the rare oryx, and the occasional lone donkey.

The Bedouin way of life is preserved here too, presenting photographic moments that are bursting with authenticity, from Arabian fireside feasts to belly and tanoura dancers, not to mention intricate henna painting.


Corniche Al Qawasim

One photo location encapsulating the many facets of Ras Al Khaimah is Corniche Al Qawasim, a 3km-long coastal boulevard nestled between the mangroves and the mountains.

Lining what is considered the emirate’s most beautiful road are luxury apartments, restaurants, cafés, and much more, so in one click of the button you can capture the contrast between nature and urban living.

The corniche is also a vantage point for snap-worthy monuments such as the 120-metre flagpole raised by the country’s founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, to celebrate the formation of the UAE, as well as the 37-metre Ferris wheel known as the RAK Eye. Even better, jump on board the big wheel to get extraordinary shots of the Grand Mosque and the city skyline.

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