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Challenging Adventure is a unique experience. Set in the foothills and natural active wadi of the Hajjar Mountains, the nature adventure park and luxury camping oasis encompasses a natural hot spring. The extensive kitchen gardens boast over 38 types of shrubs, trees and local herbs that form the base of the horticultural programme and the staple ingredients used by the resident Turkish chef. Challenging Adventure has access to local farms and traditional farming methods for authentic cultural and outdoor experiences.

Challenging Adventure is particularly well-suited for groups of adults and youngsters of all ages. It offers a range of extraordinary outdoor learning and intentional fresh-air activities to ensure comprehension of sustainability. It’s the ultimate experience to build confidence, practise team skills and appreciate nature. They have a unique and well-curated programme of events and challenges that are suitable for adult groups, families, schools, scout groups and corporate companies.

The vast open space is home to three hot-spring heated swimming pools, three sensitively segregated accommodation sites; two covered dining areas, separate toilet and hot shower facilities, cultural majlis experience, majlis dining area, luxury tents with comfortable mattresses, campfire area for evening activities and prayer rooms.

The award-winning British-owned outdoor activity centre focuses on bringing classroom learning into nature’s great outdoors to support curriculums, cultural and environmental awareness, adventure programme training and preparation for a plethora of international bronze, silver and gold awards. Challenging Adventures have five centres in Ras Al Khaimah, including the Hajjar mountains, beachside and the mangroves.

All Challenging Adventure activities and training teams adhere to comprehensive United Kingdom safety standards and have all qualified and trained worldwide, gaining extraordinary knowledge and experience. The team follows strict daily risk assessments, the equipment used is regularly maintained and replaced. There are strict instructor-client ratios to ensure safety, guidance and support.



Rock climbing

Participants will gain confidence as they leap across rocks, navigate large boulders and scramble up rockfaces before tackling simple climbing routes on the natural limestone rocks.


Surviving the wilderness

Hunt around the Challenging Adventure camp for natural materials to build a shelter, make a fire, purify water and conduct a successful search and rescue routine.


Build a raft

Build a raft using imagination and limited equipment against the clock. Participants are encouraged to build a raft that will allow them to stay afloat long enough to win a race against their competitors.


Giant paddleboard

The ultimate team-building task. Teams use their communication and logic skills to steer the paddleboard forwards, backwards and sideways in an effort to race against other teams.


Standup Paddleboard (SUP)

An excellent core strength activity to test agility and physical strength. The race is solo or in pairs as you race against their peers around buoys and other water obstacles.



Learn how to paddle forwards, backwards, in a circle, u-turn and even sideways in preparation for navigating ancient roots in the mangroves. Kayakers will learn all about the unique ecosystem and its importance to the environment and see up close the wildlife that thrives in this fascinating terrain. There are even team clean-ups.


Camping in the wilderness

Trek into the wilderness with your friends for some adventure camping. Spooky tales are always best told around a campfire.


Ancient village trek

Trek to abandoned settlements and learn how local tribes once lived in the wilderness. Explore how they collected and stored water and kept cool in the summer heat. You can study the tools that they used for medicinal purposes and cooking.


Arts and crafts

Hunt for sticks, stones, feathers and leaves and create a masterpiece in the sand. There are no limits other than your imagination.


International qualifications

The fully trained Challenging Adventure team of assessors help guide you through qualifying adventurous journeys by using various training and practice techniques for all levels of UAE and international awards.


Cycling slalom course

Test your current skills and learn lots more as you navigate the exciting slalom course. See how you can complete the course in the fastest time without your feet touching the ground.


Team building

A cleverly curated series of tricky team challenges will test you physically and mentally. Each task is more challenging than the last to encourage your leadership, communication and collaboration skills.


Obstacle course

The obstacle course is an endurance challenge to test your stamina and agility while working together with your team to complete a tricky course of hurdles, towers, tyres and a zipline.


Wadi conservation

Nature in the wadi is essential. Learn about conservation in the mountains by building dry stone walls and learning about tree preservation and planting.


Al Hebsi living

Learn how to grind wheat and traditionally make flour before baking bread in the wadi kitchens.



After a long day of exciting adventures, regale stories about your day with your teammates and new friends, sing some traditional songs and toast marshmallows.


Hotspring pools

Relax your tired limbs in the naturally heated hot spring pool. The water comes from deep underground wells.



High above the wadi floor is the VIP majlis; from this high viewpoint, you can abseil down the natural rockface or an artificial wall.


Spider mountain

Spider Mountain is a fun introduction to scramble net climbing skills. Nimbly climb to the top of the tower before sliding down the inflatable slide. Once you’ve mastered some cool techniques, why not challenge other teams against the clock.


Climbing wall

Climb the steep, multi-graded climbing tower and enjoy the views of the camp below before abseiling to the bottom and terra firma. You’ll be fully harnessed and secured with safety ropes.



Your instructors will teach you how to master archery. You’ll even be challenged to a blindfold or balloon-popping test.


Cultural majlis trek

Join the local Al Hebsi tribe in the majlis, just a short but steep trek from the camp. Your guide will give you a potted history of the tribe. You’ll have a short test at the end of your visit to check that you were listening!


Tyrolean Traverse

An excellent teamwork exercise. Use harnesses, pulleys, and ropes stretched tightly across the canyon as you cross to one side of the void. You can only get back with the help of your team.



Learn about distances using only your steps, map reading, finding your direction without a compass, contour lines, and more! Find the various markers hidden around the wadi using your newfound skills. Orienteering is a great activity to practise before attempting an international award.


Low rope

The challenge takes you along the ropes course with swinging tyres, rope bridges and balancing challenges. You’ll be tested physically and sometimes mentally too.


Treasure hunt

Unravel mysterious riddles and clues and follow the map to find the hidden treasure. You’ll work in teams and go head-to-head in the challenge.


Via Ferrata

The Via Ferrata is an exciting hiking journey that takes you around steep canyon walls on small ledges with steel cables tightly bolted into the rockface. The thrilling journey will have you grinning from ear to ear.


Homecooked food

Challenging Adventure has a resident Turkish chef that serves up a freshly cooked, healthy and well-balanced menu using the freshest ingredients bought from local markets. Special dietary needs are catered for when booked in advance.

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